Across The Hills

Bill "Papa" Lee

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Across The Hills

Today I walked across the hills
Green carpet filled with daffodils. 
Lives once lived, but now forgotten,
Remembered not by those begotten. 

An eagle rides upon the wind,
He rises high, then falls again. 
Unaware of that which lies below
Forgotten dreams, now silent souls. 

Children who once mourned parent's death,
Now themselves are laid to rest.
Generations past, a new day dawns,
Generations now, where have they gone? 

Tears once shed here in this place
The passing time will soon erase.
Painful memories they once did fear,
Now bittersweet they hold so dear. 

The righteous say, "We rise again".
The godless say, "This is the end".
The foolish say, "I do not know".
The dying say, "Just let me go! 

All is vain, I've heard them say,
"Life is hard, then slips away".
And yet the whisper,"It will not end".
A still small voice, "We rise again."

Man he rises out of the dust,
Live he will, and love he must.
Then with age, his eyes turn down
To lay to rest here in this ground. 

Spring it struggles to arise
White clouds amid a dark blue sky,
Yet on the wind, it's winter chills
Today I walked, across the hills. 

William E Lee
April 1994
Copyright 1996

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