7 New Testament Valentines for your Sweetie!


These New Testament Valentines are not just clean, they are almost holy. Impress your sweetheart by downloading one or two of these to go with your flowers or chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Submit one of your own, and if it’s good, we’ll add it to this article. Go for 800×800 px. Good luck!

1. I feel like I could walk on water

walk on water valentine lds

2. Light of my world

light of my world valentine lds

3. You’re a good reason to come home

prodigal son valentine lds

4. I’d leave the 99 for you

leave the 90 and 9 valentine lds

5. Not a whited sepulcher


whited sepulcher lds valentine6. Where my treasure is

where my treasure is valentine lds

7. More valuable than sparrows

more valuable than sparrows valentine lds

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