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    Hemidakota got a reaction from Latter Days Guy in Whats so wrong with christian music???   
    I can listen to Pink Floyd [few songs] and be uplifted. It has nothing to do with a specific genre label since I do listen just about everything from A - to - Z and can find songs that were inspiring that are not included in the Christian genre. Now, I have yet to find anything bad with the church's choir either.
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    Hemidakota got a reaction from Sunday21 in Humor from readers...   
    "We had just moved from our home in Helena, Montana to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our first Sunday there, our four year old started to run down the hallway of the church. We reminded him, as we had often had to do previously when we had lived in Helena, to 'walk, you're in Heavenly Father's house.' He stopped in his tracks, stood still in deep thought for a moment, then said, 'uh-uh! Heavenly Father lives in Montana!'"
    --Stacey Reese
    "One Sunday my older brother had been asked to say the opening prayer. He got up from his seat beside me, walked up front, folded his arms, said the prayer, and then walked back to his seat beside me. Unable to hear him when he said the opening prayer and wanting to help him know what he need to 'improve', I whispered to him, 'I couldn't hear you when you were praying.' My brother leaned over to me and whispered, 'It's okay....I wasn't talking to you.'"
    --Lorelei Walker Dean
    "My three year old was giving his 'first' dinner prayer, 'on his own.' He said, 'Dear Heavenly Father, We are Thankful for this chicken, it is finger licking good.'"
    --Elizabeth May Cox

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    Hemidakota got a reaction from Sunday21 in Gifts for a returning missionary.   
    After He is finally released at his stake, a nice vacation and perhaps, some real food.