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  1. It is impossible for a man to be truly sealed eternally to more than one living woman at a time. For he can't be loving & faithful to the 1st if he is dating or married to the 2nd. Even though after divorce they may keep the sealing intact with the 1st wife, it doesn't mean he is really still sealed to her. They keep the sealing intact in case he was not justified in the divorce & she may want him back someday in this life or the next or until she may want to be sealed to someone else. But when he moves on to another woman he loses his rights & claim to the 1st wife. If a man dates or remarries it automatically breaks his rights & sealing to his 1st wife, cause he proves himself unfaithful to her, even though it hasn't been done on paper yet. To have any sealing effective one must be true & faithful to only that spouse, & dating, let alone remarriage would be being unfaithful to his 1st wife.
  2. True Love is what makes marriage last forever & the sealing binding. Without True Love no marriage will be eternal. True Love has always been & still is very rare, especially in the 1800's while polygamy was being lived. Righteous men have True Love for their wife, the kind that never ends or gives up on her & he would rather die than cause pain to his wife in any way. He would put her wishes, needs, desires & happiness before his own in everything. And the righteous wife of such a man would do the same for him. Polygamy is & has been throughout history, one of the worst of adulterous abominations & the severest of spouse abuses for 6000 years, except in very rare cases where God authorized only truly righteous men to live it. Having more than one wife or a new or different wife, is a natural man desire that wicked men almost always come to want. A righteous man would be repulsed at the thought of having another wife or leaving his wife or hurting his wife by taking another one. Righteous men reluctantly do it only when God & their wife asks them to do so. Even when authorized, it is an Abrahamic sacrifice for the wife, & the man is commanded to hurt his wife by taking another wife, like Abraham was told to hurt & even kill, Issac, but the woman's pain & torture from plural marriage wasn't just for a moment, but usually for the rest of her life, even when her husband was righteous & lived it the least painful way he could & let her choose who & when the 2nd wife would be. For most women, polygamy is one of the most painful things a woman can go through in this life. Thus a righteous man would be so humble & submissive to a wife who went through so much for him. The pain from it all will be different in the next life though. The 1st wife always came 1st, before any other wife because she made the biggest sacrifice in sharing her husband, whereas the other wife could have waited to be a 1st wife to some other man. The men couldn't date or look around for another spouse any more than the wife could, like Abraham, he accepted who his 1st wife, like Sarah, chose for him, someone she felt most comfortable with & could get along with, if she deemed he was even worthy of another wife, for only the wife usually knows if her husband is truly righteous & has True Love for her & would rather die than be unfaithful to her in thought, heart or body or hurt her feelings in any way. No woman is ever asked to give her husband another wife if she doesn't feel if he is truly righteous & worthy & loves & treats her as he should. Only a righteous man could live plural marriage correctly & be able to heal with his love the hurt he was commanded to inflict on her. Plural marriage & the pain involved with it in the 1800's, accomplished a grand & vital purpose, that of waking up women, that probably could not be done in any other way, for even 6000 years of male domination didn't do it. The pain of Plural Marriage finally woke up women to their true power, rights & equal station in marriage & society, after wrongfully suffering, accepting or tolerating abuse by men for 6000 years. Only when women started expecting respect & faithfulness from their husbands & rejecting the idea that they were in anyway lesser than their husbands or had less power & rights in marriage or society, could God bring forth his Church & the Kingdom of Zion. As soon as women started waking up & were given an equal vote in society & were moving on to total equality, God took away painful plural marriage. If God had really wanted the principle to remain on the earth & if men were worthy of it, he could have found a way for it to keep going. Also, Plural Marriage is one of the promised blessings of Abraham in the eternities, for men & women who are truly righteous. In the eternities when men are able to honor women's full equality in all things, righteous women will also receive all these blessings & rights of Abraham as much as men have & will. "The Lord offers to his daughters every spiritual gift & blessing that can be obtained by his sons." Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith. CR Apr. 1970.
  3. Since it seems that most marriage problems stem from some form of abuse by one or both spouses, I highly recommend the book, "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft. He is one of the leading authorities on Spouse Abuse & his books will help you identify & deal with any abuse in your marriage & help you protect yourself, your children & marriage from further abuse. Pres. Hinckley said more than once how glad he was that people were becoming more aware of this rampant problem & learning how to deal with it. It seems to be happening in more than half the homes of the Church. I believe most abusive people can change if their spouse will lovingly & patiently but firmly, expect respect & teach them how to love & serve them & unlearn the prideful beliefs they were taught earlier in life.
  4. There is much more to a situation like this than just what you mention. So it can't be answered that cut & dried. Her ex though, if righteous & faithful, who she committed adultery against, would have certain rights & say to it all, if not in this life, the next for sure, no matter what they are eventually allowed to do.
  5. If they are secretly unworthy or are secretly unjustified in a divorce, why are they allowed to remarry? Very few unworthy people feel or declare they are really unworthy.
  6. It appears the same happens with getting a recommend, but on a lower level. When the Stake President hands you your recommend, do you assume 'he' has just given permission & 'made you worthy' for you to enter the temple? I believe we basically let ourselves in the temple, on our own accountability, unless there is some grave thing that the Church Leaders have been told about that would keep us out.
  7. It is not my idea that unjustified divorce is Adultery, it is a Prophet of God's & Christ's. Did anyone read the quotes I put up, especially what Pres. JFSmith said? I am just going by what he said. From all that I have studied, all the other Presidents of the Church have agreed with him & said similar things about divorce. I have to side with them.
  8. Let me rephrase. If someone is unworthy or unjustified in a divorce, why are they allowed to remarry?
  9. Heavenly Father seems to allow us all to enter his sacred temples & perform ordinances on the basis of our own declarations of worthiness, even though he knows some may not be truthful. Church leaders have said that just because something is performed in the temple does not automatically make it eternal. One must have been worthy to enter the temple in the 1st place & stay worthy of those blessings afterwards. That unworthy people may enter the temple, does not usually seem to have an effect on those who are there worthily.
  10. Yes, I will try to find it for you. But it may take me til later today, for I must get my house finished & ready to show to a prospective buyer today.
  11. I did not postulate that. There may be other justifications for divorce than adultery. So if you agree that people can get into the temple unworthily, then why do you think they are allowed to be remarried, if they aren't worthy?
  12. Ryan, I am so sorry to hear that you feel this way. But this sentiment is not new, for nearly the whole world believes this way. But, just for information sake, if a divorced husband were to remarry in the temple, the Church would not dissolve his sealing to his 1st wife. It is kept in tact, just in case, he was not justified or until the abandoned wife wants to remarry. This can appear like he is sealed to 2 living women, but that is not the case in reality, for he must remain faithful to the 1st to have her in the eternities & his dating & remarriage to the 2nd wife, automatically breaks his rights & claim to the 1st wife. If you really love your wife Ryan & still want her, I would suggest an in depth study of the teachings of the Presidents of the Church on divorce & true love & marriage & keeping our covenants. Their teachings are not hard to find. I would start with reading everything Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith said on the subject, he knew quite alot about it all. We can only come to truely understand that which we are willing to live.
  13. So I gather that you don't believe that people can get into the temple unworthily & deceive their leaders.
  14. When an Apostle's opinion differs from what the Presidents of the Church teach, we are told to go with what the Presidents teach to be sure of current doctrine. Apostles cannot declare new doctrine, only Presidents can do that.