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    I do not know of another church that encourages its members to bare their testimonies. There is nothing better to listen to than someone's personal story of how they first knew for a certainty that the church was true, that God lives, and Jesus is the Christ and Saviour of the world. That we have a prophet and apostles and every other office the church Jesus Christ organised two millennia ago. How uplifting and inspiring to hear ones personal challenges being overcome through living the principles taught in the scriptures, encouraged by our leaders and lived by its members. Nothing quiet has the same effect on me than that of a sincere whiteness of truth. So how did you first discover your testimony?
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    Good from it is a great practice.
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    I would like to give it a shot at trying to answer this question, not that there is any expertise here just what has been observed, read about or just guessed at. The first thing that came to mind was something Gerald Lund said in one of his none fiction books. He talked about pray and why we sometimes feel we do not always get answers. He said that God answers all prayers, and if we feel he has not it is for one of three reasons: 1: We are not listening 2: He has already answered that question 3: We are not ready for the answer yet. If a Muslim or any other outside the only true church on Earth should ask is their church true then the answer must reside within 2 because did He not answer that question in the first vision. My cousin, whom is also a close, dear friend, and devout Catholic, went on the defensive when I talked to her about the church as she saw it as a direct threat to her beliefs. Therefore, I changed my approach and talked only about principles, Jesus Christ, family values, subjects she was comfortable with and none threatening. This does not change what is truth it just diplomatically allows discussions to continue. Everybody has something in common it is just a matter of finding it, with Muslim its family values, healthy diets, abstention from alcohol and other damaging substances. They believe, like the Jews, that the messiah is yet to come for the first time. Their faith is strong, stronger than some of those who have the truth me thinks, but that does not change what is true and that one-day they will know that He already has been once and adopted as the figurehead by their archenemies for centuries. Personally, I think it is all in the question rather than the answer. Joseph Smith wanted only to know which of the churches he should join, that question got him the correct answer, none of them.
  4. I was in a meeting some years ago when our visiting Apostle was quite rude I thought to a brother that did not speak loud enough. It took me by surprise along with a few others. During the weekend meetings, he seemed to be at odds with the British sense of humour too. It was only later, in a Priesthood lesson last year when it occurred to me that I was looking far to low and only when raising my eyes to Him that he represented did the bad feeling he had created go away.
  5. Last Sunday's lesson was on Adam and Eve and a question was asked did Satan understand the plan of salvation? Now I know the answer to this question but judging by the varying answers from those in the class it would be interesting to get some viewpoints from further afield.
  6. When I first join the church 23 years ago, understanding and excepting the word of wisdom, not just the letter but the spirit of the law, asked my high priest, high councilman home teaching companion, innocently, how it was possible that a member of the church, even serving on the high council could not only run but own a pub. My companion could not give me an answer, perhaps because he was unaware of it. The member was released from his calling shortly afterwards and his daughter then went on a hate campaign against me that still exist to this day. People have their agency and can make decisions business or otherwise either way but for me and mine we’ll keep clear of pubs especially earning a living from them. if LDS cannot set an example then who can?
  7. It has been most interesting reading people's ideas on this subject and this has helped me understand a few things. Perhaps I look at this too deeply or am missing something but all that comes to mind when pondering on this subject is a loving Father in heaven wanting us to learn an important lesson. There is only one way to gain the joy and happiness in the fullness that He has and the keys to that are contained in the Plan of Salvation. So there has only ever been one plan as has been stated, so why the allowance of another plan if only to be discussed and debated? How often are we in church given things to do and find it to difficult so try a simpler way. How many Bishop's or Stake President's rather than follow the hand book try different ways to work with us? Lucifer had exactly the same opportunity to be our saviour as Jehovah did yet like so many of us faced with something we think is to hard try to improve things by introducing a better way. And how many of us like Lucifer when our plan is rejected take the hump and refuse to do what know we should. For many, repenting restores us back, for some it leads to open rebellion and walking away from the one true church. The answer to the original question I've concluded from this is that while he knew the plan he really did not understand it for had he then his ultimate demise should have change his course. But that is also part of the lesson the Lord is trying to teach isn't it? And why we are to constantly encouraged to warn our neighbour.
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    This Or That

    Pam there must be some delay because the last post I recieved was the one I responded too.
  9. Satan had no real power over Adam and Eve while they remained faithful to the commandments of God; he was more interested in us or those that would not obey the commandments. This is the great lesson God continues to teach us if we obey the commandments we nullify Satan's power. Satan cannot force us to disobey but he certainly can temp us to forget them once in a while. He understands the plan that we can repent and regain the power to put him behind us so uses his best trick of all to get us to think God does not love us because of our sins or is ashamed of us because He cannot look on sin in the least degree.
  10. Exactly, not much of an adversary with only two of Father's children down here, he needed access to all of us. That is why he had to know the plan, use it against Adam and bring about the fall. Adam would never have partook of the fruit and the only other commandment was to multiply and replenish the Earth not possible until after the fall.
  11. Not knowing the mind of God does not mean he did not understand the plan.
  12. It was said in the class, with confusion I may add, how was it possible that he could aid the plan by beguiling Eve. What is your thoughts on that?
  13. Yes I agree he had to know even be intimate with the details. What are your feelings and understanding of his motivation to come up with an alternitive plan?
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    This Or That

    Touring Europe I cant Scuba-Dive Enterprise or Voyager
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    Converting *from* LDS

    There is a misconception in this church that God looks upon us with narrowed vision and in that He only loves us when we are good. There are two sides to our heavily parent one as our father and the other as our God. Both love us unconditionally regardless of what have done, do now and will do in the future. He being the almighty is not weighed down by emotions like disappointment, hatred or unrighteous anger. But as God he must judge us for failing to obey the law that we agreed to abide to before accepting His Son's plan. Think about His love, the law says no sin not even a tiny one, in that it is absolute and unmoving; this is the God in Him. Abiding to the law brings untold blessings and abilities like He has. But He knew we would fail, perfection is tuff, so the father in Him gave us a simpler way to fulfil the law and that was to have someone who loved us equally, someone He knew that would succeed and have Him satisfy the demands of justice. This then allowed us to repent when we failed. The payoff for this is that we lose the ability to get back by our own efforts we rely on someone else no matter how close to perfection we manage here. The gospel exist in the world but normally is fragmented and good men and women sometimes pick up one of these fragments and build their church on it. The LDS church is the only church on Earth that claims to have the fullness of the gospel, all the fragments, including all the saving graces. As a seeker of the truth is OK to see the good in churches but when you deliberate which has all the truth that should be the one you build your future on. But remember the road ahead is often difficult but the destination makes the journey worth it.
  16. If you say the revelation came from the bible, yes you will get a resounding nod from all but the very extreme, if you say 'I felt being led by God' then few people would disagree with you that God does sometimes communicate with us. But say a living prophet receives modern revelation on a day-to-day basis then you will get a different answer. Say that individual’s can ask God directly about something and receive revelation, like is the Book of Mormon true, or is that person, just called, the right person etc don't be surprised if you see a disrespectful rolling of the eyes
  17. What is missing here and vital to the understanding is revelation. It’s interesting that so many of the Born gain churches deny revelation, personal or otherwise. We learn so much about the nature of our Father in heaven from revelation. Your answers are in the writings of modern prophets. What you must remember is that of those 70 billion half would have died under the age of accountability and are thus automatically saved in Christ. Of the 35 billion remaining less than a tenth will have accepted the Gospel and kept their second estate. The rest vicarious work will be carried out for them and a great many more will be saved. Large numbers will inherit the terrestrial and the telestrial kingdoms. The remainder will be sent to outer darkness and suffer eternal punishment. So the numbers that will burn in hell are no way near the numbers these churches claim. Remember also the Lord said that eternal punishment meant His punishment because He was Eternal it may not be for eternity but will most certainly be subject to the mercies of God.
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    In need of some clean humor!

    The innocence of children can often bring a chuckle and yours was a classic. I remember our local council having to change the sign from 'Dogs must be led' to 'Dog's must be on a lead' because children were worried their pets could not go into the park unless they were made of the metal. Or a young son on seeing straw bales in a field while travelling in the car said quite innocently 'Look mummy, Wheatabix."
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    James Cameron's Avatar

    I agree both are great films but in different ways and for my vote Pocahontas wins the best story Oscar and Avatar the best visual display. What is worrying is that there was no mention that the story was based, even loosely, by Cameron or for that matter any of the critics on Pocahontas. With Titanic for example Cameron’s slant on it, while not the best story line, (The Longest Night takes that one) it was by far the best graphically but we always knew what it was based on. Avatar to me signals a continuing trend in Hollywood and one that reflects the times we live in. There is a need for a new story, a new hero, and some clean, honest depictions of men, women and children overcoming or bucking the trend. What a great movie it would be if a ‘How the west was won’ style production was put out about how, despite being surrounded by selfishness, a group of people are standing firm, are obedient, trustworthy, decent, family loving, God fearing and willing to see and seek out all that is good. :hmmm:Wonder what it would be called?
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    James Cameron's Avatar

    I knew Avatar reminded me of something to do with the American Indian now this gives an actual link.
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    James Cameron's Avatar

    There was nothing new in Avatar's theme and it reminded me more of what the American Indians went through, or those in the rain forest regions now. I agree it was compelling viewing from start to finish, (I watched it in 2D) but my excitement waned after a few days. If you compare this movie to other ground breaking releases like Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien, Terminator then Avatar is weak. But if you compare it to Movies like Titanic, Toy Story, or 2001 Space Odyssey then its way out there purely on visual content. Sex, violence and profanity sell movies and these days there are fewer and fewer films devout LDS can watch but I felt Cameron dealt with these very tastefully. However there are differences in the age of an LDS eight year old and a worldly one and would have not been comfortable taking one so young to watch it.
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    Bending the rules again Jonny.
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    the song game

    Rain dance Lyrics B.Cunningham - B Winter