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    Well people can and have been excommunicated... although they dress it up in fancier terms... My friend and his wife were last year because of blog posts on religion from them. They were made to do some kind of hearing thing, and then were removed as members of the church by the church.
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    Well, they could do you like me... transfer my records without my request, then claim they were misplaced... as the family ward always kicks mine to a singles branch, despite the fact I hate the singles branch and am not inactive because I don't feel like being in high school again and dealing with snobbish cliques.
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    So i made a deal with God...

    This is called FAITH.
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    War Crimes

    Yes because scrubbing floors and polishing door handles, or counting hairs on a caterpillar is relevant to the defense of the country and a reason to determine if someone can or can not vote. Still, bad idea.
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    So i made a deal with God...

    Making a deal is making a demand.
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    So i made a deal with God...

    Demanding things from God rarely works. You have to have FAITH... saying "if lightning strikes that tree at 7 minutes before dawn on the 18th Sunday of the year, then I will worship you" is you trying to make an excuse not to believe... the same stands with the missionaries to your house thing. You either want to be a believer or you don't. A character in a book I read a few weeks ago said something along the lines of "Miracles are only shown to those that have faith, those that lack faith claim they will believe if they see a miracle" the same principle applies here, you have to have faith and believe, you can't wait for some divine sign before you choose to believe. Religion ultimately boils down to one thing, faith.
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    worn down

    Coming from someone that quite literally used to actively worship Satan... and is quite accustomed to his trickery... this is a deception. They have made you stronger. You are here aren't you? You've made it this far haven't you? A lot of people would have thrown in the towel and taken 'the easy way out' before they reached where you in life... in fact many do. Now while I may not be the most active member of the Church... all I can tell you is don't buy into this deception. You've given marriage much longer than most, you've probably done your best to raise good kids, you've given life a lot longer than many, I'm sure you are a great spouse, parent, and worker. Just know that.
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    Howdy and welcome!
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    War Crimes

    Yeah they military also has physical fitness REQUIREMENTS, weight REQUIREMENTS, etc. Desk job or not they are REQUIREMENTS that EVERYONE must meet. I couldn't enlist, but I did my time as a federal employee, my mother is a federal employee, my father served the state for nearly 20 years until his death(couldn't serve in Vietnam, flat foot), both grandfathers and we had family members fight in every war from the Revolution to the Korean war. Limiting voting rights to individuals that enlist is well... just... foolish and unfair to a significant portion of the population.
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