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  1. Zechariah

    Approaching Someone With Violent Tendancies

    I'm assuming your apartment was rented to you and your husband only. What, if anything, does your rental agreement stipulate about others moving in with you, or visiting beyond a certain length of time? Maybe you have something in your rental agreement that can help you in getting him out with less chance of conflict. In any case, the landlord or manager should assist you when he is told he has to move, with the presence of the police if there is any concern about what he might do.
  2. Zechariah

    Contend Earnestly

    Yes, we LDS do tend to lay forth our beliefs from our position, quoting from our leaders, and from scripture, in the process, to explain what the LDS Church teaches and what we believe. I would suggest to you that this is as it should be. The first listing for contend at wordnetweb.princeton.edu is to postulate - to maintain or assert. I would say this is what LDS most commonly do. I would also say we tend to prefer this, as our means of contending for the faith, rather than contending against other faiths.
  3. Zechariah

    Strange things you've gotten choked-up about.

    The heart of a Patriot.
  4. Zechariah

    Strange things you've gotten choked-up about.

    Flyovers, yes, especially in missing man formation. 21 gun salute. Taps. Also, singing, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," and being unsuccessful at remaining composed, each and every time. And then there are the unexpected things, with sometimes the most small or random thing catching me completely off guard, touching my soul with deep and profound tenderness, gratitude, or sadness and sorrow. Or, I should probably say, that the Spirit will unexpectedly stir my soul deeply through them.
  5. Zechariah

    Sacrament Meeting Dress Code?

    My wife found this if it helps: Meridian Magazine:: Church History: Handling Life With Humor "Just as Louise reprimanded her children gently, when the Relief Society sisters needed a little nudging, she did so with good humor and gentleness. Although General Authorities suggested that women remove their fashionably large hats during meetings, many women kept them on rather than disturb their hair or appearance. At the beginning of one Relief Society conference, Louise announced to the congregation, “Sisters, we are going to remain seated while we sing our first song. I’m sure you have books and papers and your hats on your laps, and I’m afraid it would be hard for you to hold all of them if you stand.” There were smiles and surprises in the congregations as the embarrassed ladies quickly removed their hats."
  6. Zechariah

    Sacrament Meeting Dress Code?

    My elderly mother (in her 80's) always looks quite formal at church, always wearing a hat, and gloves as well, and appears as the most charming of ladies from an era past, and is always being told how lovely she looks. Her reason for wearing the hat and gloves, though, is because she has a health condition that the fluorescent lighting aggravates. She purposely sits in the back row so her hat does not obstruct anyone's view. As for me, I've almost always worn the standard Sunday attire that most men do (business suit, tie, white shirt, dress shoes). Presently, though, since recently outgrowing my suits, I wear my standard casual/dress attire - good jeans, shirt, sport coat, and cowboy boots, because that's the best I now have that fits. And I must say, I don't miss the tie at all. One day though, when there are again suits hanging in my closet that fit, I'll resume wearing them, even with the tie.
  7. Zechariah

    Words or phrases you dislike

    Yes, most frustrating. I hate the way they deliberately phrase things too, in their attempts to remove us from the Christian faith, and especially the way they use lower case letters to represent and disrespect deity, when it has to do with LDS belief: the mormon jesus the mormon gospel the mormon god the mormon heavenly father etc.
  8. Zechariah

    1F Sunday Morning

    Downright balmy compared to 1 degree and/or snow! For today weather.com says it's presently 42 degrees. Says mostly cloudy with temperatures steady near the low 50s. Winds light and variable. High of 53 forecast, low of 39 tonight. (Pacific Northwest)
  9. Zechariah

    Words or phrases you dislike

    Taxes Liberals (Yeah, well, we just sent off election ballots. What to you expect?) Okay, let's see - Non-words, such as "expecially" and "irregardless" Hearing temple garments referred to as "garmies" Commonly used by LDS in talks and lessons, "I challenge you." Evangelical expression of having a "burden" for something. A saying my mother used with us kids when she wanted something done. "Your arms aren't painted on!" Actually she still uses it with us (and we're all the age of grandparents now) and it's still annoying.
  10. Zechariah

    Would you, could you? Multiple wives and husbands.....

    No. Not unless it was a command. Even then, I might prefer to wait for an angel of God to appear with a drawn sword. Then again... is the fair lady rich? (My wife says she could use another wife around the house to get things done.) In all seriousness, neither of us have a problem with the principle of plurality of wives, in theory. The challenge would be in living it, without a great degree of selfless love.
  11. Zechariah

    Crime Game

    RipplecutBuddha - for exposing his abs and going barefoot in a, "no shirt, no shoes, no service," establishment.
  12. First, I am always impressed when someone in their youth is spiritually attuned enough, that he seeks the things of God, and pursues them for himself, in spite of opposition or disapproval from family or friends. That shows great spiritual maturity. Most young people, and even many in the Church, have more worldly interests at 15, so I commend you. Some of the strongest men of scripture were very much on their own in some similar ways, but the Lord strengthened them in their difficulties, and they grew to become great instruments in His hands. As you study the scriptures, you will gain strength from their experiences. Trust in the Lord. Learn patience and humility in your youth. You can be a great example and help to your family and friends. Since the Church is very family oriented, it can be hard when you aren't part of a traditional LDS family unit, especially when taking part in family related activities at Church. Invite your family, even if you're sure they won't ever come or participate, as family members tend not to like feeling that they're being left out, and they don't want to feel as if they're loosing you to your new found religious faith. Be sensitive to their needs and concerns. At the same time, though, as long as they allow your activity at Church, don't let being the lone LDS member in your family, keep you from enjoying family Church activities. There are other families there that will be happy to include you with their own. God Bless. :)
  13. Zechariah

    Got fired for doing the right thing

    Oh, nice. That's some company "loyal" to its employees, eh?
  14. Zechariah

    Got fired for doing the right thing

    Thank you! That's what my wandering brain was looking for!
  15. Zechariah

    Got fired for doing the right thing

    Oh my. Well if this is so now, then the laws were changed, as it was in Utah where I filed my complaint of wrongful termination. But, like I said, that was over 25 years ago.