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  1. Which brings us to another fork in the road. Does "prosper" = "Financial Security"
  2. Wisc


    As far as I can see you believe in the things that are required in order to be "saved". That stuff you dont believe in has ZERO bearing on weather or not we make it back to God's presence. SO, I'd say you're in pretty good shape friend. No big pickle
  3. Wisc

    Middle Single Adult Wards

    Thats why I advocate better dating through superior medication.
  4. God is not "punishing" us for not obeying the commandments, rather He is allowing us to reap what we sew. Its like gravity... thou shalt not walk off the edge of a cliff. When we ignore this law and walk off the cliff, God doesnt punish us by throwing us against the rocks below. But God has even gone one step further. Not only does he tell us not to walk off the cliff, he has put up warning signs well in advance. Given us a path to stay on with a Rod of Iron to hold onto. And even posted guards (prophets) along the way to help us know where the path is leading and how best to stay on it. God does not punish and in the same sense I guess you could argue that he doesnt reward. He simply gives us what we chose to recieve.
  5. Wisc

    Unsent Letters

    Dear Grandma, I know I was not a really great grandson and I am sorry that I hardly ever came to visit you over the years. But thank you for always making me feel as though I had only been gone a moment. For picking up where we had last left off and making me feel loved with your smiles and your food. I did not deserve you. Love, Wisc
  6. Wisc

    Active LDS Church members live longer

    Ironicly though a 7th day or LDS has never to my knowledge held the title of world's oldest living person. Its almost always some obscure corner of India or China
  7. You pass me on the street and our eyes briefly meet. You hold the door open for me as I enter behind you. I say thanks, but you have no idea that my mind is blank. In the elevator you crack a joke, I flash a smile, you have no idea that my heart is broke. You ask me how my day was and I say fine. You have no idea that my brain and I are arguing to if I should cross the line. My happiness is gone as I walk in this world. The thoughts in my head have me wishing I was laying in a cold dark hole. Once you lose your soul there is no turning back. Everything you once dreamed of no longer has even the smallest impact. You don't want to love nor do you want to have fun. Your days are so long the problems in your mind make you question if you should even carry on. You smile so that's what people see on your face, they think that you are happy but deep down inside you feel like a worthless disgrace. Each day the performance you put on for people is Emmy award winning, But you question yourself and wonder if your act is just a way for you to hold off your own internal sinnings. When you wake up from a night's sleep you wonder to yourself if today is the day your heart will be back to it's old self or will it still be skipping every other beat. You wonder if things that once made you happy to be alive will make a comeback. or if the little things in life that made you who you are will have you once again dreaming to the stars. You wonder if you will feel less empty hearted. and question to yourself who holds the match to start that fire. Are you also tired of running and losing your breath. Do you want to hold tight to something that will help you once again enjoy the journey into lives amazing treks. We all want to feel that every day can be better than the last. Perhaps one day even turn your lost soul feeling into a thing of your past.....
  8. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    Not at all Lbybug. I keep you in my "she so FINE I can't believe that hottie gave me the time of day" catagory.
  9. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    I sure hope the woman/women that you married to give you those 4 daughters are not very good snipers! If so Im staying the heck away from you my friend.
  10. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    The "happiest day of your life" gods must have been smiling on you that day!!!
  11. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    Not when you use Skype. Put down the soup cans and string and join me in the 21st Century Mr. T
  12. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    So quick to judge me. Actually, I've been keeping count of "happiest days of my life" and the day before she friend requested me I had only had 4,289 "happiest days of my life" experiences. But this is a little out dated already as I am now up to 4,301 "happiest days of my life" because she has called me on the phone several times and each time she does.. KA-CHING! the number goes up! But that only counts for 3 "happiest days of my life" experiences as the other ones were on account that I found my long lost lucky underwear, Got 7 correct answers while watching Jeapordy (a new record for me) and then I got bonus points on one day because I got to listen to two little old Russian ladies argue over something in Russian in the produce isle at the world market. There are few things funnier in this life than that and I got to see it Oops! My phone is ringing and guess who it is!!! KA-CHING! 4,302
  13. "When a nephew asked Brother Kimball if he wanted to hear the latest story about him, he responded, "Hell, no! It seems that all the stories told these days are either about me or Mae West!" "Cut me off from the Church? They can't do that! I repent do damn fast!" "Some people say a person receives a position in this Church through revelation, and others say they get it through inspiration, but I say they get it through relation. If I hadn't been related to Heber C. Kimball, I wouldn't have been a damn thing in this church." After giving a blessing to a woman whose pregnancy wa at risk, she was so touched she began to cry. "Now stop your crying, Louise. You're going to be all right.The Lord has never let me down and He won't start now!" "There are not enough general authorities to do all the thinking for the membership of the Church." To curb J. Golden's occasional use of cuss words, the brethren prepared a speech for him to read in general conference. Growing frustrated at the podium, he stopped halfway and said, "Hell, Heber, I can't read this damn thing!" "You men, always marry a woman from Sanpete County. No matter what hard times you experience together, she has seen worse."
  14. Wisc

    Breaking news!!!

    daenvgiell and Wisc are now mutual friends!!! This is probibly the 4,290th happiest day of my life! OF. MY. LIFE!!!!
  15. !. WIthout Satan we would STILL sin. Because "sin" doesnt have to mean "evil" it just has to be less than perfect. Speeding down the highway? SIN. Have a near miss on the highway with a Semi and shout a curse word out of fear? SIN. Accidently have a less than chaste thought flash through your head about the nice back side of the hot girl that just walked by before quickly thinking of a hymn and repenting? SIN In none of these cases did the Devil have ANYTHING to do with you sinning. 2. We are all children of God. Same "bloodline" if you will. All from the same place. If Satan can sin without being tempted by another devil than so can we. No one beguiled Satan into rebelling against the Lord. No snake met him in some garden and tempted him to partake of forbidden fruit. Therefore it is reasonable to agree that the rest of us could sin all on our own too. But we have the added delema of having a tempter. 3. I see the existance of Satan as an act of purpose more than mercy. While I do see where the original poster is comming from and even agree with some of his concepts, I feel that the reason we have a Devil is the same reason we have night vs day. Opposition in all things. If the sun never set and we had to just determon by our clocks what was "night" vs day we would struggle a lot more than we do having a clear daytime and night. Jesus is the sun or day symbolic of good; and Satan is the night, evil