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  1. Thanks for those sites. But because of my search for lds blogs and discussions on this and other like threads I am launching a New academic blog The Sign Of Jonas and looking for co-authors who could post once a month, or for those who would be willing to be guest authors... I posted a brief description on another thread http://www.lds.net/forums/lds-gospel-discussion/32188-new-academic-blog.html#post503685 so if you interested I would love to hear from you!
  2. Hey... This thread was initated because of me! But because of my discussions on this and other like threads I am launching a New academic blog The Sign Of Jonas and looking for co-authors who could post once a month, or for those who would be willing to be guest authors... I posted a brief description on another thread http://www.lds.net/forums/lds-gospel-discussion/32188-new-academic-blog.html#post503685 so if you interested I would love to hear from you!
  3. Hey all, I am a blogger, a few acquaintances and myself are creating a new LDS blog called The Sign of Jonas. I have just recently joined this forum but I think this is probably one of the best places to find interested authors/readers as there are a lot of intelligent self-motivated people on here. We are currently looking to recruit more authors for this blog, the following is an a brief explanation of the blog if you are interested. This blog isn't like the other ones you've seen though: ours is a multi-authored, scholarly blog, with a main focus on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The format of this blog is simple: One post by one of the authors every Sunday. For you, that means you'll only have to post one of your pieces every month and a half or so. And what would your posts be about? A relatively general, umbrella, Gospel-related topic that interests you! To help with brainstorming, some of these topics could be: Early Apostolic Christianity, Prophecies of the Prophet Joseph Smith, World Religions, Evidences of the Book of Mormon, Epistles of Paul. Also, if you have any specialties we should be aware of (intimate knowledge of another religion - as a former member or as an area of studied focus), please don't hesitate to tell us. OK, so what if you aren't terribly interested in being a full-time author on this blog? That's perfectly fine! We have facilitated our calendar so as to incorporate Guest Authors! If you're interested, but not in a full-time gig, then this is for you - in which case all you have to do is follow the links to the blog below and fill out an application form. You know about the blog, you know the basics, and now the only thing left to do is apply (see here)! For more details on what your responsibilities would be as an author, read this. To give us sufficient time to sort through applications and get you all set up on our blog, we ask that you send in your applications (to the e-mail found at the bottom of the blog posts, [email protected]) before May 31, 2010. It is anticipated that the official launch for this blog will be June 6th, 2010. Thanks! Also if you have suggestions or anything just reply to the thread, or visit The Sign of Jonas Forum - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check Out My blog at The Sign of Jonas
  4. Chaplin here is a question for you (or anyone else). If you worshiped Satan but in all honestly believed that you were serving God, and did everything you could do to serve who you perceived was God with your heart was in the right place. would God condemn you for an incorrect knowledge of the nature of God? Or what is their state with God. (Or even assume Decartes evil Demon scenario) Obviously this is pure speculation as none of us are in a place to judge, but what would your feelings/philosophy/theology tell you? Related Joseph Smith quote: "the first principle of revealed religion is to know for a certainty the character of God" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog Know♣Justice
  5. Its interesting cause he is a man to himself it seems like, he gets it from both sides.
  6. So what do people think. Could this/these traditions be true(or partially true). Do you think that they are true? Obviously there are contradictions and mythology in the various accounts, but to what point if any should we accept this story in an LDS perspective? - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog Know♣Justice
  7. Agreed Metal. I think the time is well spent. I also think it is interesting that active LDS members are statically better academically.
  8. Hes responsible for a lot of blogs and podcasts based on the church. He takes a somewhat impartial view of the church. Good and fair generally. He is very academic, went to byu, had a faith crisis and now disbelieves in the church as "the church" but believes in it as a great institution which he wishes to continue with. He has done a lot in bringing the LDS church onto the internet.
  9. Lilith, the first wife of Adam. She was made at the same time as Adam but was cast out of the garden because she wouldn't be Subservent to Adam. Lillith is well documented in trusted jewish commentaries such as the Kabblah, the talmud, zohar and also is found in the dead sea scrolls. Lilith is portrayed as something of a succubus, a immortal demon-ish seducer. There are are aspects of the story which are very apocryphal and mythical today but what kind of stance do you all take on an account such as this. Wiki Article Various Article Index on Lilith - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my Blog at Know♣Justice
  10. There is no "I dont like him". . . I don't think think he is an apostate... well i don't know.. I guess i kind of do since i believe in the LDS church and I know that he doesn't anymore... I have listened to him and I don't really like it.
  11. But do FLDS members have authority to practice the sacraments? Do they have a better probability of glorification, and eternity in the Celestial Kingdom, since they are Mormons with the restored gospel...they just happen to be a different church? Do not most LDS view the FLDS as heretics? I ask this, not to imply any meanness, but simply to discern just how signficant the divide is. Salvation in the Celestial kingdom means you have fully accepted Jesus Christ into your life accepted and applied his atoning blood. No one but Christ, the righteous judge can determine that. Assuming the LDS stance is correct I do not believe that merely knowing a larger majority of truth then the general Christian world would drastically increase the probability of exaltation. Agreed that the more you lean about the true doctrine of Christ the more you will act upon it, but more important that your knowledge and professed beliefs on this earth is the life you live according to what you know. I do not believe that the LDS members have a monopoly of land in heaven. The LDS church is a small minority on the earth today, and personally ,out of the billions of Gods children who have sought to know him better, I believe the those that found and accepted the "fullness" of Gospel on earth(meaning all the LDS ordinances) will be but a small Minority in the Celestial Kingdom. Gods plan is all inclusive to those seeking for truth. - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check my blog out Know♣Justice
  12. I'm not entirely confident I know what your point is. If it is as I assume that 1)we cant make it into heaven on our own 2)only through Christ can make it to heaven 3) Christ holds judgement on whether we make it into heaven 4) Thus there is no yardstick measurement, and there is favoritism according to Christs desires. Is that right? If so then I would say God and Christ is the only righteous Judges. They measure on actions, and desires uniformly, if two men lived identical lives in thought and deed Christ would not send one to the Celestial kingdom and the other to the terrestrial. A partial judge is not Good judge. A partial God is not a God. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at Know♣Justice
  13. "There is nothing inherently good or evil even in religion (at least Christianity). Look at the OT, (Assuming you take a literal approach to the OT) look at how Nephi obtained the plates." Religion is ethical code. You are right in the sense that an action in and of itself is not nessisarily evil or good act but instead the reasons you do that action. A good action done for the wrong reasons can be a sin, and I believe the antithesis is true also. But this does not mean that there is no such thing as good or evil, it is just that we cannot accurately evaluate an action to be good or evil because we do not have all the information. We believe that God is going to judge us equally and justly according to what we did according to what we knew, and why we did it. We are told that we are not to judge for this reason, the only one that can judge another person accurately would be one who knew exactly what he did, what he knew, and why he did it. So Christ and God are the only righteous judges. We will all be judged on the same stick, there is no favoritism. For this to be possible there must be ethical solidity. There must be absolutes, formulae. Thus if there is judgment there must be absolutes so all scriptures point to absolutism. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at Know♣Justice
  14. Speaking of canucks, how about that US/Canada game eh? Pretty impressive. Sorry all you americans
  15. I had a missionary companion who got an impression to knock on a door. We did, no one answered. We got back in the car and drove away. He was somewhat depressed and voiced it by wondering if he misinterpreted the spirit. We expect if he asks us to do something, immediately something amazingly good will happen. My companion was putting qualifiers on the word of God. God asked him to knock on the door. He didn't say "Knock on the door, there a man in baptismal clothing on the other side". We need to follow God, without expectations of reward. Maybe God sometimes asks us to do things to see if we will. If we only obey when he dangles a carrot in front of our noses, how trustful as servants and friends are we? I believe there is great merit in following a impression and realizing that it cause you to encounter more opposition then relief. - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my Blog at Know♣Justice
  16. Ah the philosophy of Hobbes. Or maybe originally Satan. Hobbes thinks that we all work off of base emotions, we don't really make decisions but just follow basic selfish instincts, he believes that artificial life is still life. He was a physicalist, everything was physical. It a very attracting scientific method because you can account for anything using physical objects and motions! The funny think about your friends philosophy is that because he believes it he fulfills it. Because he believes he is nothing more then an animal with basic selfish desires he can fully embrace the nature man and do what he wants. While we who believe otherwise fight the nature man and strive to overcome our instincts because we believe something else is coming down the road. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at Know♣Justice
  17. I am a big fan of blogs and podcast. But I have trouble finding good ones. I am posting this to get some suggestions for LDS run blogs (particularly ones that aren't exclusively LDS themed), and topically LDS podcasts. Not a fan of John Dehlin btw. Any Ideas? Link them here, show me your blog! Thanks! - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at: Know♣Justice
  18. So I came across this article earlier this evening. Then I joined this site. Then I saw this section. So I had to talk about it. ARTICLE Basically for those who do not wish to read the thought/argument is put forth: 1)Research shows that most teenagers receive less then the suggested eight hours of sleep per night. 2) Research suggests sleep deprivation is linked with academic performance 3) Seminary could be having depreciative effects on those attendees. What does everyone think about it? Agree disagree? Why. I'll wait before I weigh in on this one. Yay first post! - - - - - - - - - - Lynden Jensen Check out my blog at: Know♣Justice
  19. Hey, This is Lynden Jensen from Canada. I am LDS, RM from Vegas, currently a student.