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  1. a7x16


    yay! im 1 of those 1 or 2 people...lol
  2. a7x16


    welcome! i only like hockey cuz of the fights..lol...i hope you make lots of friends on here
  3. darn you...now there is another band im addicted too...lol
  4. i love love love cradle of filth! and i dont like nightwish
  5. idk...out of the places ive lived..this is the worse...and i might grow out of metal..but i doubt it^_^
  6. I love screamo whether it has a good message or not...but i think its awesome when it does
  7. i like some classics like zeppelin and sabbath...i like metallica, my dying bride, apocalyptica, HIM, marilyn manson, i like bullet for my valentines older stuff, we came as romans, attack attack, pantera, corrosion of conformity, DIO (not ozzy), Mutiny Within, Alesana ...a I like vampire kisses, vampire academy, dracula, chronicles of vladimir tod, random vampire stories and anything that is about Vlad dracula
  8. eh...i like some of their songs..havent heard much of their covers
  9. everyone has their own opinion...whiny? i dont think so..they are really good at covers...but i like all their work. walk is an awesome cover...but i like the original better...and people do say i am goth..i wear black and chokers...so yeah