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  1. Your Type is ISFJ Introverted 44% Sensing 12% Feeling 25% Judging 44% You are: * moderately expressed introvert * slightly expressed sensing personality * moderately expressed feeling personality * moderately expressed judging personality
  2. One of my greatest challenge as a youth is the fact that there's not a lot of youth member in my school . At the stakes activity we are 10 . i'm lucky because in my city we are 2 member of the same age but it's hard to be two examples when we're going to a school of 1200 students. Here we dont have a lot of activities during the year so we're alot by ourself to live in the church even if our instructors are always here to help us but sometimes i wished there were more LDS youth in my city or in my stakes. It's hard because we're far from the temple so i go when i can . there's a lot of other difficulties with the medias, the friends, trying to make understand our friend why religion is important to me, try to explain everything .
  3. Hi Everyone . My name is Chloe. i'm 17 . i'm going to be 18 in a few weeks. I live in St Nazaire (France) . i speak French, English, a little Spanish I just graduated from High school. I'm going to the university next year to study languages and economics. i dont really know what to do after that but i have time I'm a member of the church . i was baptized at 8 . i met the church when i was 6. I'm glad to be in this church and i thank god to bless me like he does . I never really feel the spirit until i went to the temple when i was 12 . it was a good experience and i feel connect to god more than i was when i'm in the ''world''. I want to do a mission when i'll be old enough because i want to share my love and my testimony with the other. I like a lot of thing. I like to go to the beach because i live near. i like music and movie. i like to eat and sleep . Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss with me. I hope i can find friends to discuss about my difficulties and to share the good time