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  1. firehotemily

    Amazing new Amercian Avatar series

    Have you seen Avatar the Last Airbender the cartoon? It's seriously one of the best made american animations. They're coming out with a brand new season this fall I believe and it's called The Legend of Korra Korra is the new avatar and it's set about 70 years in the future since the last episode of Avatar the last Airbender. Here are two commercials. AND The Last Airbender The Legend of Korra New Exclusive Trailer - YouTube
  2. I'm 19 (just got out of high school and in college) studying graphic design :) I like art, writing, sports and psychology I like owl city.
  3. firehotemily

    Personality Types (everyone should take this) ^^

    I hope people will keep taking the test and putting out their results! they're way cool
  4. firehotemily

    Book of Mormon Anti-war?

    No the book of mormon is not anti war but it's not pro war either. but war is necessary sometimes.
  5. firehotemily

    err.... Global Government anyone??

    Yes he would even ask him yourself call him when he has his radio show
  6. firehotemily

    Do you speak a language?

    I took a year of spanish, latin and some german i also know Japanese and I'm wanting to learn Arabic, Chinese, and Korean
  7. firehotemily

    Personality Types (everyone should take this) ^^

    Oh i'm not saying that there aren't other INFJ's that are not in the church. Just saying that I've seen more here than anywhere else. That's all
  8. firehotemily

    Mission, School, or Military?...

    yeah going on a mission will be awesome. Then when you get back you can figure out the rest, because there are age limits for missions, but not for schooling and military (well atleast you have a while until your to old for the military) From my stand point i say mission first. Good luck! and keep praying
  9. firehotemily

    What age for makeup?

    I's fine with like a light lipgloss. But i think any makeup like mascara and eyeshadow should be held for about 12-13 kids usually shouldn't be wearing makeup unless it's for dress up or games like that. Like suzie said just let the kids be kids.
  10. firehotemily

    Letters unrequited

    Okay, well my friend is on his mission, and for a whole year i've written him letters. About the usual stuff, and random happenings and stuff that happens in my life. It's been a year and he hasn't even sent me a letter back. I have noooo idea why, it always baffled me. Because we were friends in highschool. But even in high school he never wrote back to me on facebook or in emails. But he would later tell me in person that he loved reading my random stories. I have no idea what his deal is, maybe he doesn't want to give off the wrong impression by writing back? (maybe he thinks that i like him for some odd reason) or something else. I dunno. So i stopped sending him letters for the past 4 months because he hasn't even said hi or anything. I figure that he liked reading the letters, but i'm not getting any response whatsoever back from him. Sad. And it makes me feel bad. Even back when we were in highschool together i would post something on his wall (facebook) and he'd never answer it. He would always answer other people's questions or comments but never mine. Never got why. lol maybe he didn't want to be friends anymore? sad. oh well. But if you could have any idea as to why he doesn't send any reply back to me, please post them. I know missionaries are busy, and he was a very popular person, but i figure he would at least send something by now.
  11. firehotemily

    Favorite Youtube Comedian

    List your favorite Youtube comedians here, share it with us Mine are Brian Regan and Nigahiga
  12. firehotemily

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Why are you worrying now about becoming an old geezer without any dates? Your 20, your YOUNG. So don't feel bad if you haven't had a date. One of my friends has only gone out on one date and she's almost 18, but she doesn't stress about it. don't worry, maybe if you go on a mission it might attract more girls (if you haven't already) I may not see the whole story, but i don't think your weird so no worries lol There's lots of girls that like shy guys. about the girl and the fickle advice is to sit down and write down a list of all the girls you like and their traits, GOOD AND BAD if you can see a pattern in the bad category then it might be time to look for some other types of girls. maybe different social class or something, whatever it may be. Work on yourself first and be the person you would want to marry. Become a honorable young man.
  13. firehotemily

    So What Do You Prefer To Be Called?

    LDS of course lol i'm LDS, why say otherwise?
  14. firehotemily

    Can't get through Twilight

    twilight is weird. I didn't like it not into the romantic stuff
  15. firehotemily

    Is Socialism OK with Mormons now?

    ouch, why so mean? if you want me to give you more sources then i can....I just put that one up because it had alot of the details in the bill. I believe the bill is wrong, and should be repealed. I'm sorry i try to find the truth in everything even if it's not something i want to hear okay? I research and try to find the truth, not lies just because it's easier for me etc.