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  1. I'm glad to read this, it's relieving :) thanks so much, you too!
  2. I'm a convert. I've heard rumours of sexual acts not being 'allowed' in marriage. I do want to get married one day in the temple but honestly I believe what happens in the bedroom should be up to the husband and wife. What makes them happy is between them.. anyway I was just wondering if there were any 'rules'.
  3. breaks the law of chastity? It's obvious they're sent home.. are they kicked out of the church/unable to be married in the temple? Since they've broken temple covenants.. can they repent?
  4. Somebody presented me with this question: Freemasons and the Illuminati are supposedly 'in league with the Devil' to put it bluntly and through deceit and lies aim to heighten themselves and become like Gods. Then that person said on the website it said 'Man has the potential to become like God' - So he asked me what's the difference - are the LDS people not just subjecting to the same Satanic power-hungry ideology? Thoughts.. opinions. I'm a LDS and I'd like to hear people's opinions on this.
  5. I've created a blog to connect with others who are Latter Day Saints and to offer support or advice for other LDS' - specifically younger converts or members as I believe especially in the world today we are surrounded by sin and awful temptation (I am 18 by the way and female) This is the website - Choose The Right I also offer others to come forward with their stories and testimonies :)
  6. I've always wondered this - not that the concept and service of baptism isn't special and sacred enough, but do missionaries ever give any gifts as a congratulations? :)