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  1. Sister I admire your willingness to put your full faith in our Savior in an incredibly difficult situation. I'm sorry you had to go through this trial, and I know the Lord will bless you now and throughout eternity for staying true to him. God bless you.
  2. Favorite scripture Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." This scripture has always helped me and never fails to remind me of the great love and mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ. Favorite hymn 185 "How Firm a Foundation". This hymn never fails to pick me up especially the 3rd verse. I like the reminder that God is on my side and through him all things are possible.
  3. @Fether That's really neat it's a small world in the church
  4. I don't know if I agree to that list per se. After all the Savior, as a resurrected Celestial being, consumed fish with his disciples so it can't be that bad. I would say figure out a diet that works best for you, and try to be careful never to waste meat and you should be ok.
  5. @seashmore That's cool. I bounced around a little but I've spent the majority of my life in Indiana and have always considered myself a Hoosier.
  6. I completely understand heartache and betrayel are awful feelings especially from someone who should know better and, who you reasonably thought, loved you. But hold tight to your testimony sister, and Christ can bring you through this trial and help lift you up again☺
  7. I understand @clbent04. I still reccomend the program I suggested mainly because I was at your level of personal frustration when I found it. I was always open and honest with my wife (even before we got married) just like you. This particular program though doesn't do a weekly report. It sends an instant alert the second you search for anything inappropriate. It was like having my wife right next to me wherever I was on the internet. Knowing she would see what I was watching or looking at the second I entered it in gave me strength I never had before to do something else. Just a thought as I truly feel for you. But keep trying brother. When it comes to our eternal salvation it's better to die trying on our feet than live in despair on our knees. Better to leave this world trying to overcome your sins and weaknesses even if you keep failing than to leave this world having given up. God be with you in your trial brother.
  8. Agreed with @ziland @DoctorLemon. The only one who doesn't want you at church is Satan. When it comes to the Celestial Kingdom, Christ really can bring you Salvation, his Grace is available to all and you can do this with his help and strentgh.
  9. No problem @clbent04 it was very helpful for me hopefully it will be for you too.
  10. I went to see Dunkirk recently, excellent movie.
  11. Thank you @Grunt. I wish I'd figured it out faster, but I'm glad the Lord has brought me where I'm at now.
  12. I feel for you brother. There are a lot of us who have struggled with this very same addiction. I myself once asked if I would ever be truly clean from this addiction. I served a full time mission, was completely honest with my wife, went to see Bishops and Stake presidents, and did everything they asked including addiction recovery meetings and was still unsuccessful. But I just could not quit. I knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ was true and so after every single failure I dragged myself back up again. I was determined to overcome this and I knew Christ had promised he could save me and that he was not a liar. I finally had a miraculous response to prayer that led me to a piece of software called Accountable2You. It allowed me to link my wife into all of my internet accounts including my phone. It was like having her with me strengthening me 24/7. This combined with my Bishop's inspired council finally got me off the endless cycle of confession, repentance, and relapse. I don't know if my answer is your answer brother, but I want you to know you can do it. If the Lord saved me, and he did, he can save you too. But you won't be able to save yourself so come back with the Saints. Even if you can't have a calling or partake of the Sacrament it's better to be trying to get yourself right than to quit. I understand where you are coming from and I wish you the best☺
  13. This is a tough question. I would say it would greatly depend on the severity of the sin as a lie is in a whole other ballpark from violent or sexually deviant behavior. I would say a minor transgression should be resolved between the aggrieved parties while serious ones should be reported to priesthood authorities, and the most serious (sexual assault, battery) should be reported to civil authorities as well. Prayer and the Spirit of Discernment should be used in cases where you are not sure and I think talking to your bishop privately first is always a safe bet.
  14. I'm new to the forum but I've been reading threads for some time and decided to create an account so I can occasionally respond to topics of interest.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you. Your missionary was supposed to be a servant of our Savior and he abused that trust. He is, quite frankly, a jerk. But please don't let his behavior sour you to the Restored Gospel of Christ. There have always been, and always will be, members who fail to live up to the standards they should, but the message is still true. I'll be praying for you.