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  1. IntoGod33

    Harry Potter

    Well...I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I also want to mention that I am not a fan of the Pullman books...started reading one of them and never could get through it. My point is that Harry Potter is only attacked because it centers on a world of witches and wizards. If that weren't the case, the issue of God wouldn't even come up because countless books for children, young adults and adults alike fail to explicitly discuss God and yet they are not labeled "atheistic."
  2. IntoGod33

    Harry Potter

    Not sure what you think I said, but I never said they were the same thing. Here's what I said:And I stand by it. From a Christian's point of view, if you find nothing wrong with the HP books, you should also find nothing wrong with the HDM books. They both operate in a universe completely devoid of any sort of ultimate deific power. They both have a total void of ultimate source of morality. They both share the same ethical foundation of a non-believer (basically, it's nicer to be good, so ya oughta be good). People forget this when they read Pullman's books, but in his universe, god is not the supreme being. He's just some guy who seized power. There is no God in Pullman's books, and there is no God in Rowling's either. If you disagree, please cite chapter and page in any HP book where the existence of God is shown. So if a piece of literature doesn't mention or revolve around God it is atheistic? Huh?!?! If that's the case then good writing counts for beans if God isn't mentioned. J.K. Rowling wrote a series of books for children and young adults. Although God is never explicitly mentioned (they celebrate Christmas each year so logically they are Christians) I think it's a stretch to refer to their world as atheistic. There is nothing wrong with imagination and creativity, especially if the message is positive. Harry is a good person - he is honest, loyal, and caring. Yes the main idea is magic - but it's not like these kids are doing magic for evil purposes. IT'S JUST FICTION! I don't think God has any problem with Harry Potter, and obviously the Church doesn't because it's sold on Deseret Book. It doesn't teach children anything bad or harmful and I refuse to believe that because God isn't the central character in the plot then it is atheistic. If that is the case, how many other excellent books would we label "atheistic"?
  3. IntoGod33

    Stephenie Meyer- Breaking Dawn

    I just found out that Stephenie Meyer is Mormon! AWESOME!
  4. IntoGod33

    Need help with my Autistic brother

    Wow...this sounds like an extremely tough situation. Autism is a difficult condition to deal with. What do his doctors say? Never forget that autism is an extremely complicated disorder that impairs social interaction skills. If his behavior is getting worse, you might want to go to a different doctor. Children and young adults with this disorder often need intensive treatment - that includes individual and family treatment as well. After all, you guys need to know how to deal with the disorder too. I've read that autistic children really need a strong family - which I'm sure your brother definitely has. Talk to doctors, do some research, and, as always, pray. Maybe he's just at a tough age (early teen years). Obviously his behavior is surprising. I really don't know what else to say! I hope it helps a little.
  5. IntoGod33

    Non-LDS Scholars and the Book of Mormon

    Hi Hemidakota, In my ward we actually had a PhD student sit in on a couple of our institute classes because she was writing her dissertation on the growth of the Church amongst Latin immigrants here in South Florida. She has been researching the Church for about 8 years now, and she says that she has always been so amazed at how open and welcoming all the members have been. She is a nonmember, so I think her research is highly significant. I just got my BA in Religious Studies, and I was highly skeptical of the church for many years. When I converted, it was really hard because all my professors and peers tried to talk me out of it. They still treat me kind of funny, but it's better now. The problem is that they know very little about the structure and character of the church. It's refreshing to see non-LDS scholars doing research on the Book of Mormon. It's long overdue!
  6. IntoGod33

    Wedding Question

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice!
  7. IntoGod33

    Harry Potter

    It definitely has not replaced the Gospel! It's just fun reading :-) Let me emphasize this once more...I am a major, MAJOR book nerd! That includes everything from my Bible to Harry Potter.
  8. IntoGod33

    Wedding Question

    In response to Hemidakota... We will be getting sealed in the temple a month after the civil ceremony/reception. I was just baptized recently so my bishop told me that I had to wait one year before I could enter the temple. We are both very excited about that! If it was completely up to me...I'd say no alcohol and I wouldn't care about any complaints that people may make (although I don't anticipate any from my family as they have accepted my beliefs). My problem is, my mom is basically saying, "I'm paying so we're going to have alcohol, you don't have to drink any." She didn't say it in those words, but that's the main idea. One of my church friends told me that maybe I should compromise. She said I should suggest maybe serving one signature drink that everyone likes and that's it. No open bar. I am so torn! I feel like I'd still be doing something wrong by allowing it. At the same time, however, my parents have been so generous and they are excited and happy that they have the means to give me such a great wedding. I kindof feel bad fighting with my mom about it since I haven't even spent a penny (she won't let me, I've tried). I don't know, I guess it's a good one to pray about!
  9. IntoGod33

    Harry Potter

    I have to back up FunkyTown here...Loudmouth is completely wrong. Harry Potter and The Golden Compass have nothing to do with each other. The Golden Compass is based on the trilogy by Chris Weitz.
  10. IntoGod33

    Wedding Question

    Ok...I just reread my post and I noticed all the typos. Sorry!
  11. IntoGod33

    Wedding Question

    Hi Everyone! My boyfriend and I are getting married in March. Because we are the only members in our families who are LDS, we will be having a ceremony presided over by our bishop and a reception. My parents were never happy about me joining this church, but over time, they have accepted it and now they are very supportive. They have, however, made it clear that they have no intentions to join. The only thing that they both asked of me is that I have a wedding where all of my family could attend. Where I come from (Cuban family), weddings are huge! Because I am their only daughter, they both want to give me a beautiful wedding and throw me a big party. I have no complaints! I am really, really looking forward to it because my family is huge and so is my boyfriend's and I know it's going to be the best night of my life. Here is the problem.... My parents are paying for the entire wedding. So far, wedding planning has been soooo much fun, but yesterday my mom and I got into it over the issue of alcohol. My boyfriend and I do not drink, of course, but the rest of my family does. I want to make one thing clear so that I don't make them look bad - I have never, ever seen anyone in my family drunk. They are not heavy drinkers at all. They do, however, enjoy drinking at family gatherings and events. My dad is actually a member of a wine tasting club. My mom had this bewildered look on her face when I said no alcohol, and she told me that I didn't have to pay for it or drinking, so I'm not doing anything wrong. She also pointed out that there will be no morte than 15-20 guests who are Mormon, and about 180 that are not (the rest are Catholic). My mom has done such a turn around in regards to my baptism. She has been so supported, and has defended me before anyone who has dared to badmouth the church in front of her. Should I just give in? I really don't mind having it there because I'm used to it - I mean, I have a 5-foot-tall wine cooler in my house that is always full! However, I am worrieed that my bishop or my other LDS guests will be upset or offended. Help! P.S. I'm very sorry for the extremely long post!
  12. IntoGod33

    Harry Potter

    Hi Everyone! I have a question - don't know if it's silly or not. A lot of Christians have a problem with the Harry Potter series because of it's focus on witchcraft and wizardry. What is the Church's general stance on this - if they even have one? I have an aunt who is Fundamentalist Baptist, and she actually called the entire family a few years ago and told us all that we can't give her children any Christmas gifts that have anything to do with Harry Potter. Don't you think that's a bit extreme? I just started reading the series and I am hooked! I find it so magical and amazing. I don't see anything negative about it. I am 23, and an avid reader. I see why children are so attracted to this series and personally, I think anything that gets them excited about reading is great (as long as it is suitable for children, of course). What are your thoughts?
  13. IntoGod33

    "Tuesdays with Morrie"

    Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my favorites :-) That is one book that really left a huge impact on me. Seriously....I finished it and I still couldn't get it out of my head.
  14. IntoGod33

    Quitting Smoking

    Hi Dove, I just wanted to tell you that I know exactly how you feel. I got baptized in January, and I quit cold turkey a couple months before after smoking a pack a day for almost three years straight. I've recently started smoking again and it's been so incredibly difficult to stop this time around. I love this church and I know that I have to end my addiction, but it seems like everytime I pray or meditate on the Scriptures, there's this voice in my head telling me that I need a cigarette. I know we can do it though, and I know that Heavenly Father is cheering for us. I will pray for Him to give us both the strength that we need. Listener, that was some great advice! Probably the best that I've ever received.... God Bless
  15. IntoGod33

    Law of Chastity

    Satan does try his hardest when he sees that you are trying your best and keeping the commandments. I talked to my bishop and I feel like this tremendous burden has been lifted from my shoulders. He was so encouraging and nonjudgemental. I thought my sin was too great, but he reassured me that repentance conquers all as long as it's genuine and complete. I thank you all for your support and encouragement. It really means a lot to me because I was going crazy yesterday. I testify that confessing your sins or transgressions to a bishop can bring you peace and give you the motivation to quit knocking yourself down and start doing something about it.