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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have any examples of how receiving recognition for completing Personal Progress helped them? As a leader, I'm really struggling to see the value in checking off the boxes and handing out the ribbons. I'm totally on board with doing the experiences and the value projects, since I see the value in those. I just don't see the benefit of YW in Excelllence Nights, etc.
  2. Has anyone experienced their silver medallion turning yellow? I've had mine for a year now and the back of it is yellow and the front is starting to yellow. Any suggestions on how to make it stop and to get rid of the yellowness? (I've tried jewelry cleaner and toothpaste).
  3. for those who have completed personal progress, how has it helped you to prepare you for later on in life?
  4. Has anyone received the new Personal Progress materials yet? We're still waiting on them in our ward. So far as I can find online, the new changes are basically: 1) Updated books -- new cover, include the Virtue value, and minor changes to all the other values. They appear to be spiral-bound, which I think is fabulous. They're also pink. 2) Young Women will receive certificates when they move from class to class. 3) Young Women receive a scripture bookmark ribbon whenever they complete one value, along with the sticker emblems we had before. 4) The medallion has been redesigned to include the age group symbols -- beehive, rose, laurel wreath -- and a ruby. It's also round. 5) Young Women can now receive a bee-shaped Honor Bee charm after finishing their Personal Progress. The requirements are to read the Book of Mormon again and to serve others for 40 hours, including some time mentoring another Young Woman in her Personal Progress. 6) The torch logo is now all gold, presumably to reflect the Virtue value(?). I think it was blue and red before. Have I missed anything? I'm making a video about the changes to show to my Young Women, so I'd hate to leave out something important. I love the addition of the Honor Bee charm -- I think it's good to give Young Women something specific to work towards after they receive their YWR (and hopefully motivate them not to procrastinate finishing until their last few months in Young Women's!), and scripture study and service are two of the most important things I can think of. I also love the ribbons; you can always use more bookmarks in your scriptures. I don't like the new medallion so much, though -- I just think the old one was prettier. Perhaps I'm biased. Do you like the fact that they've made the new books pink? They're very excited about it -- I definitely preferred the purple. What do you think?