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Found 6 results

  1. The church recommends to be prepared in case of disaster or anything likely that would come close to civil unrest or any situation where the civil order is disturbed and interrupted for undetermined periods of time. While having a 72 hour kit recommended, we often sometimes find ourselves caught far away from it, either at work or in traffic or some other circumstances. Some us have one and some us are in the process of establishing it. Some may find it hard due to financial strain to get there. What I would love to suggest to those who haven´t heard of it or who want to make first steps to get acquainted with the topic, would be an every day carry kit. Something you carry on your personage that gets you home to your 72 hour kit or at least provides you with a means of not being completely helpless. It will cost significantly less then a full 72 hour kit but could still range in cost depending on your personal preferences towards material. I do recommend that you get a pouch or a small case that you can carry on your belt or in your bag ( if you are a lady) Usually I would recommend Tasmanian Tiger as it is a solid brand that is durable and of high quality. Within you can store medicine you need or should have in case something happens ( aspirin, diarrhea medication, salt tablets etc.) What I also recommend is a thermal blanket. small enough to fit in there it can keep you either from heat or cold when you get stuck and cant light a fire. Some gauze you will find in mine for minor injuries, along with a fire steel to light fires. Not to forget would be a small flash light. Very important however would still be a knife. You can obtain decent knives for as little as 30$ already ( look into Mora of Sweden) which you can carry, if you have to means and do live in a very urban environment then you would be best served with a multitool, though leatherman is a very good tool, you will find that it will cost accordingly. A middle way here would be the all known Swiss army knife, as it has for a good price decent appliances that will come in handy in the different situations. There is more to add of course however what you will it with depends on your personal need and attitude. Some kits differ from other. While EDC's can contain fire arms some are more geared towards bugging out with maximum evasion in mind for that matter ( shout out to Lehi for pointing out I was using a wrong vocabulary before my edit) , Especially if you live outside the US where laws for guns and weapons are more restrictive. If this interests you and have questions. I will be happy to assist you or provide you with the lead to follow up on your own. Naturally I will adhere to the forums rules and not post pictures that would be akin to commercial, however I am willing to snap a picture or to and upload to a place of your choosing.
  2. For YW Camp 2012 we encouraged the young women to bring their own rockets stoves, which lead to my husband and I Youtube'ing how to make a rocket stove using a #10 can and some regular cans. Well, hubby goes outside and applied the principal of the metal rocket stove to create his own type of rocket stove---one made of wood. It actually worked pretty good. You could get several uses out of it before it burned itself up. **That is our precious Molly in the pic, whom we had to put to sleep recently.**
  3. I recently stumbled across Emergency Dehydrated Food, emergency food, disaster food, preparedness food, storage food, and survival food. and thought it was too good to be true. They are selling vacuum sealed dehydrated food in pales for a really reasonable price. I bought one pale that has 500 meals of lentil soup for $65 and another pale that has rice dinners (I think it tastes comparable to Hamburger Helper) 228 Meals for $100. I was shocked at the price and shocked again by how good it tastes. Anyways, I was excited, so I thought I would share a link.
  4. Hay every one I am new to this forum. My name is Greg I am very passionate about helping people to get prepared! I am on a mission to get as many Americans as I can prepared before it’s to late! Please take 90 seconds to view this short video. FreeFood2Go, Food & Dining, Midvale, UT 84032 I am the owner of a multi million dollar home improvement company. So why preparedness for me? Folks the writing is on the wall! It is time to get ready! How long have our leaders been asking us to get ready? One of the problems many Americans have right now is that they don’t have the money to get them selves prepared. That is why I joined my self with FreeFood2Go and started FreeFood4America. With Families helping families we can get people prepared faster. If you have your preparations done we need your help! If you are just getting started we can help you get your preparations done fast. Sorry I don’t mean for this to be a commercial. I have just never seen a way to help others like this one! Please take a few minutes to check this out and then pass it on! www.freefood4america
  5. Hello there, I'm researching for a documentary series about self reliance in a fragile world and I'm looking to speak to members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints who actively prepare. The documentary we are making aims to look at the stories of a variety of 'preppers' and I thought it would be interesting to include those who have a religious motivation. If you are in the UK and could spare the time for a chat, I'd be grateful if you would drop me a line. Best Regards, amy
  6. At times I have tested food storage 100% and always find that the food gets heavy and boring. I have never found a way around this. Fresh milk and eggs at the very least seem to take the edge off. Powdered milk or just plain water get old and heavy. I get to a point where I have to decide if I am more hungry or more sick of the choices available. Although an acquired taste that many may not like at first, may I suggest home made yogurt as a partial solution. This takes the edge off the monotony and contributes to digestion. Almost everyone has a yogurt maker. Put a 60 watt bulb in your oven, crack it open with a thick folded towel, and if you have a thermometer, make sure it doesn't go over 115º F, mine stays around 105º this way. I have also closed the door, it gets to about 125º F and dehydrates some food. Find a yogurt starter that you like, or you can start by buying plain yogurt and putting a tablespoon into a quart of boiled (to kill the bacteria and only use the bacteria you provde as a starter) and cooled to no more than 110 degrees, it won't burn your wrist at all to touch the container but will be comfortably warm, and let sit at least 12 hours, 24 hours is better if someone is lactose intolerant. The bacteria will take the lactose content down 95+ percent during this extra time. Store yogurt tends to culture for 8-12 hours I am told. Voila, happy yogurt that is alive and will help digest some of that dead dried stuff you are eating. Could take the edge off some of the discomfort if something like this were actually used. I have taken powdered milk from heavy and boring to alive and fresh this way, and some may not mind adding it to milk to get the best of both worlds. I have gotten at least 10 generations out of this, so it saves the starter even more. There are many additional benefits to probiotics, improved immune, stronger digestion, healthy intestinal walls, so many other things. Seems to me a good and simple thing to add to any preparedness program. This is even easier with powdered milk since you can boil the water pretty much on high without burning it, and then adding a cup of thick powdered milk mixed already so it isn't lumpy. I use 1 scoop sweet dairy whey and 1 scoop casein protein to one quart water, sometimes a little whey but this isn't good for yogurt I don't think. Turn the heat down, stir while it gets back to boiling. There is no oil in this and no high fructose corn syrup from normal powdered milk recipes, so I am not sure how those milk powders would ferment, but I imagine they would be fine. There are many strains of bacteria, so you can choose between strong digestion, smooth and creamy, different mixes.