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    is that still around ? this was put here to make me deliberately feel old.
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    if you enjoy israelian spyware, sure have it your way.
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    Sci Fi - Reading and writing, being happily married, cooking and being a social person if not provoked into thinking out loud. Archery etc.
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  1. I can recommend a girl walks home alone at night. it has the right mix of weirdness, storytelling, acting and exotic components. try it, if not I recommend "the machine" from 2013 excellent debut work by a director.
  2. well met. finally something we can agree upon mutually
  3. the extended handle eases up the hand and prevents cramping and adds to stability
  4. the extended handle eases up the hand and prevents cramping and adds to stability
  5. And what exactly led you to believe that I am a good person ? I never thought so, nor said so. I am sinner that indulges himself quite greatly so. I am the kind of person that has no issue sticking a knife in someones face if push comes to shove in the right kind of situation. if you had the opportunity to meet me, you would find that I am scum enough to pursue my own interest in a very self serving manner. I say what I like, I do what I like but I own up to it when it comes to payday. Everything we say or do has a price. You might want to reevaluate your conception of members not being the least bit sainty. and an ultimate truth is that you take peoples meals, warm showers and creature comforts away, the tenets of the Lord become a distant memories over a time. So while you engage into the obvious that I am a bad person- a state which I savor might I add. You are correct in the assumption that we are both random strangers to each other on the internet with little in common . A state I am very content with. good day and good way.
  6. Oh I mean what I said and say what I mean. dont you worry about that. I would see no issue to repeat myself if I desire to do so. and yes, I am being intolerant. what of it ? millions of lds excel in that regard in one way or another. I have met not all but then again a culture forms itself from somewhere and gets carried on by the ones that accidentally stumble out of the famous Utah bubble. The Lamy joy has a broad tip, that could enably minor caligraphy. if the US version doesnt have it, then I reckon there must be a difference in model as the european one is meant to enhance cursive writing
  7. well in liu of my references to satirize your comment, I have to say I seriously underestimated your zeal and conviction. Why don´t you go ahead and cast the first stone, distant cousin ? because frankly, I am sorely tempted to indulge further into your comments. perhaps you should look into the mirror as we all must eventually and reflect. mhm =) people like you are a savory forum delicacy, the flavor of your comments just enriches the amusement level.
  8. oh goodness. you still live and have come to feed the troll. I wonder, does my disfavor of utah and idaho lds people elevate me to the level of stalin or hitler in your book ? perhaps you would like that I stand trial at Nuremberg ? and how do you propose that I repent. should I order a scourge from ebay, or clothe myself in coarse sacks and sprinkle ash on to my head ? should I perhaps wrap a penitent thigh thorn around my legs ? do pray tell. not that I wasn´t willing to let this go. but go ahead and contribute to my amusement.
  9. hand writing is something I reserve for dear and important people. handwritten letters convey personal bonds and emotion and the time it takes speaks volumes in dedication and attention. You should try the joy, it adds elegance if you are capable of cursive
  10. well, I never claimed to be right about anything. that for one. and for another, I am sure you could call me a name and it wouldnt phase me much. because ultimately, you can only elect to be insulted. I believe even someone of the quorum of the twelve said that as well. good day and good way
  11. I am in posession of a Lamy Joy for well over 18 years now and it still writes. I also do like my lamy AL-star in silver. I have now moved away from disposable cartridges as I noticed that convertible cartridges and ink bottles last me longer and are sustainable for the environment
  12. hey matt, my heartfelt congratulations to your covenant with the Lord. Going on a Mission is a serious commitment. Your volition and conviction should merit the intent. I hope you don´t seriously consider going on a mission with a two year labor / education gap just to validate yourself before some girl that will judge you for what you aren´t instead of what you are. One does not have to go on a full-time mission to serve our Lord. There is plenty of opportunities waiting for you to do service for the greater glory of the Lord. Anyone that does not accept you because you don´t have gone on to a "prestige" road trip should not be worth your efforts. A convert or otherwise level headed LDS girl surely would not make her affections dependent of you having served a mission or not. If you want to serve a mission just because you want to increase the odds of marrying a LDS girl, don´t go. It would be dishonest to yourself and most important to wards the Lord. The mission should not be some marriage requirement. A mission is to give yourself to the service of the Lord. So if you lack the conviction save yourself the money and the time.
  13. if you are a writing tool enthusiast. I can recommend you to check this out https://www.lamy.com/content/products/index_eng.html it is formidable ware for a decent price
  14. I know, right ? wouldn´t that be something ? luckily, it is a forum of exchanged ideas and opinion. but then again, one might say : It might take a while. someone is wrong on the internet. nothing to take too serious good day and good way
  15. well, my advice to you would be : interested is interesting. It is always good to show interest in your opposite. also, I would not take her or him to dinner at a place I haven´t eaten before. Check it out first, no worse date spoiler than a location that does not do or perform as it was expected. also take it easy. a first date is not a proposal ;-) other than that be charming, polite and attentive. Be daring and delicate alike . =)