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  1. ElMattio91

    Convert serving a mission?

    Thank you, Hemisphere Finding a wife isn't the only reason for me wanting to serve. That was just a factor and something I was wondering. I want to serve because it would be an incredible experience and I want other people to have what we have in our LDS family and to give back to the lord by doing his work You make a good point though,one does not have to serve a full time mission in order to serve the lord, Thank you for your advice. P.S apologies for the delayed response, I thought I had replied to this comment already (my brain has been fried recently haha) Have a great day!
  2. ElMattio91

    So I think I'm falling for a missionary...

    Yeah, don't worry. I'm not going to mention to her or anyone at church about my feelings for her as I know that is inappropriate. She finishes her mission in 4 months and then goes back to Albania. Thanks for the advice
  3. ElMattio91

    So I think I'm falling for a missionary...

    Yeah, only trouble is diverting the time as I see her at church and I sometimes help teach with her and her companion haha
  4. Ok so let me start off by saying I know these feelings are wrong and inappropriate because she's here to serve the lord and theres like a 0% chance she would feel the same because her heart is 100% dedicated to her mission, but like the title says, I indeed really like this sister missionary. So I was baptised in December of last year and since then I have seen so many sister missionaries come and go, I loved all of them. but just in the same way I love all of the missionaries (including Elders) but this is different. She came to my ward not last transfer but the one before, so about 10 weeks ago now. The second I saw her, she was just breathtaking. not just because of her physical beauty but because you could clearly see the spirit in her by the look on her face and her body language. We were introduced and we spoke for ages. We had a lot of the same interests and just seem to hit it off. But what did it for me was when she bore her testimony, I dunno I can't really describe it, it was just beautiful. And listening to her read from scriptures just makes my heart feel like its going to jump out of my chest. I know she will probably get transferred soon and the thought of that breaks my heart because I can't bare the thought of never seeing her again. like I said, I know these feelings are innapropiate but I can't help it If anybody has any advice to help me stop feeling like this it would be really appreciated Thanks Matt
  5. ElMattio91

    IMPORTANT!! - Login Issues

    So that explains it. Tried to log in to my account and it kept saying my password was incorrect. genuinely thought I was losing my mind! haha no harm done I guess
  6. ElMattio91

    The first time I TRULY felt the spirit

    So you never forget the first time you really feel the spirit properly. For me, it was during a fast meeting, let me tell you what happened... So during fast meeting on time, one of our Elders got up to bare his testimony. He told the story of when he was serving in Wolverhampton. He and his companion were out finding and they spoke to a man who was super depressed. After talking to him for a while, the Elder decided to give him a book. The man started to cry and when they asked what was wrong, he told them that he had previously had a dream that a stranger would give him a book that would change his life for the better. Some would argue that that was a coincidence but I believe father was telling him he knows what he is going through but everything is going to be ok. It just goes to show you that sometimes if we go through trials and we feel like he has forgotten about us (I know I've felt that way before) he hasn't. He's helping us all the best way he can. I'll never forget the day my testimony was strengthened for the first time. I just wish i had brought tissues that day...
  7. ElMattio91

    Not really a joke but a bit of fun

    Oh gosh that sounds awkward haha at least people could laugh about it though!
  8. ElMattio91

    Not really a joke but a bit of fun

    Oh I've been there... also, during YSA one time I was reading a scripture from the gospel library app and (I still don't know how this happened) I accidentally pressed something and the voice started reading it too. I was panicking trying to shut it off but I didn't know how
  9. So i was wondering if you guys have ever had an embarrassing moment at church? Back when I was investigating, I went to my first sacrament meeting with my elders. On that day they had one of the sister missionaries play a piece on the piano, and after she had finished I started to clap (blissfully unaware that we don't really do that in church) a few people just turned and looked at me, and pretty sure I heard a few sniggers coming from somewhere then one of the elders nudged me as if to say "dude, no!" I know that isn't really too bad but just thought id start off the thread haha
  10. ElMattio91

    Convert serving a mission?

    Thank you all so much for the advice and for making me feel so welcome! ill be sure to speak to my bishop about it
  11. ElMattio91

    Convert serving a mission?

    Thank you so much for your reply I will take all that into consideration. I've only just found out about this forum but ill be sticking around thank you again
  12. ElMattio91

    Convert serving a mission?

    Thank you for your advice trouble is I haven't even received the priecedhood yet as I went inactive for a while due to personal issues. But I'm currently working on that with my bishop. Thank you for your well wishes
  13. ElMattio91

    Convert serving a mission?

    Hey everyone I'm new on this forum. I dont want to bore you guys so I'll just briefly tell you about myself. Well my name is Matt, I'm 26 years old and I was baptised in the church in December of last year. I really want to serve a mission one day to share the gospel and the spirit with others. But the obvious problem is I feel like I came into the church too late. I know I can still technically serve a mission but realistically it probably won't happen due to commitments t home etc. My missionaries told me that the oldest you can be on your mission is 30, this means id have to be serving by 28 right? I really want to go somewhere and give others what my missionaries gave me: a new purpose. I want other people to have the happiness I have had since I joined the church. also, I want to marry within the church but I feel most LDS girls would want to marry a guy who has served a mission? Im sorry if all this didn't make much sense but it was just a couple of questions I had. thank you if you read all this haha have a great day Matt.