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Found 4 results

  1. A recent visitor posted multiple questions that were obviously off of some Anti-Mormon website or literature. The knee jerk reaction was "Oh Boy! Here's another anti-Mormon troll." I'll admit it. I thought it too. As a result many of our responses were less than Christ-Like. What if we were wrong? What if we were right? Is this the right way to respond? Maybe he is just a gruff person that treats everyone like that. Maybe the written word is just not his medium. Maybe he's just in a bad mood. Maybe he is just in a hurry to get right to the point without all the political correctness. Maybe the elevator just doesn't go up to the top floor. Maybe ... a hundred other things. What is the best way to respond? Well, we have the ability to at least ask the first question that should be asked: Why do you ask? then -- Where did you hear that?. Basically, we can get some background so we can first seek to understand, then seek to be understood. Absent that, I believe we can learn a lesson from "Gramps". In that link, I believe it was clear to all that this questioner was nothing but belligerent. Yet the first sentence in his response is: You are undoubtedly sincere in your questioning. What I witnessed in the recent "festivities" was a bashing session worthy of the media - provoked RNC cage match. What did it accomplish? It added fuel to his fire that All Mormons are just get defensive when you ask them "tough" questions. I know. I was a part of it too. And I'm sorry I was. I was even thinking that the first screen such questions should go through is to ask PC to address it first, then go from there. Thoughts?
  2. I have a problem and I need some advice. I'm new to this religion and I recently told my mom about it and she let me go to church on Sunday, but after that she started researching the religion and found all of this bad and untrue things about it, so now she won't let me go anymore. What do I do? If I can't go to church, then what should I do? She never really liked Mormons in the first place and it's been a while since I went and I asked her the other day and she said no.
  3. I can't seem to find the fourm rules anywhere? Is there a link, or a sticky somewhere that links to them? also the privacy policy link at the bottom doesn't seem to link to a privacy policy... Thanks for the help!
  4. I have a problem, and I'm not quite sure what to do. A friend came to me in confidence today and told me she needed to confess to her bishop (though I'm not so sure she needs to?). She has been sexually abused by a man for the past year and a half. (I believe he is in his early 30's, and now divorced). She says she needs to confess to her bishop, because she originally told him it was okay. However, she became uncomfortable with the situation, and tried to ask him to stop, but he threatened to stop "dating" her (dating was okay with her parents). She asked what she should tell her bishop, and is wondering what his confidentiality rules are? She's terrified he'll tell someone...she doesn't want to ruin the man's life or reputation, she feels it isn't her place to bring out, its his. What do I tell her?? I'm so lost on this one.