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Found 4 results

  1. This is a shameless play off the thread about LDS and liberalism. However, at its most basic, to be conservative means to avoid change. Can one is has a great need for stasis, for "unchanging truth" survive in a religion that embraces continuing revelation? Some conservatives leave one a major prophetic revelation comes. Others form splinter groups. Still others stay, but grimace, and lament the better days of yesteryear. So, I ask again, can one who is conservative in disposition flourish as an LDS member?
  2. Seminarysnoozer

    What is "given"?

    D&C 82; " 3 For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation." What exactly is "given" in this life? Consider the parable of the ten talents. The three servants were given different amounts of talents according to their ability. The talents given were ones they did not have before although it was given according to their ability. Some suggest that "talents" are intrinsic to the spirit of the individual, they came here with them. In Gospel Principles is suggests that is the case (Chapter 2) that we developed talents before coming here. If that is the case, then talents are not given, they are characteristics developed and earned. Those would not qualify as a stewardship but ownership. If it is owned then it is not given. If someone, for example, is a child prodigy piano player, is that a talent that was given in this life or was it developed in the previous life, a characteristic of that spirit? If someone is a prodigy boxer, was that a talent they developed in the previous life, or a talent given? What exactly is "given" and how does one distinguish that from something that was intrinsic to the spirit? Along with that topic is the concept of stewardship. A steward, according to the Guide to the Scriptures on is "A person who takes care of the affairs or property of another. That which a steward cares for is called a stewardship. All things on earth belong to the Lord; we are his stewards. We are accountable to the Lord, but we may report on our stewardship to God’s authorized representatives. When we receive a calling of service from the Lord or his authorized servants, that stewardship may include both spiritual and temporal affairs (D&C 29:34)." So, what constitutes "our" property vs "things on earth" that belong to the Lord? Are these "stewardships" permanantly part of our spiritual character or are they temporarily ours as a steward. If any given aspect of ones character, talents or ability is not a stewardship, if it is intrinsic to the spirit, then it doesn't fall under the category of "where much is given, much is required". Right? If they are part of our character then why are they not called character (ownership) as opposed to stewardship? How does one pick out traits that are intrinsic (owned) vs ones given (stewardship)? Possibly, they are all given, nothing is "owned" until they are inherited at the end of our test, like the parable of the ten talents.
  3. Guest

    The Color Code test

    I mentioned this test in another thread, and it made me curious to see how well-known it is. It was introduced to me when I was living in my first apartment away from home, and it has helped me to recognize and understand people with different colored personalities. There are 4 colors, with different attributes and motivations. If I remember right, they're: Red- ambitious, leader, type A Blue- sensitive, nurturing, emotional White- peacemaker Yellow- Social, fun The test (or a partial of it, anyway can be found here: Home :: ColorCode Personality Science I like that its focus is on how you were as a child, because I've learned to see that as my true self, untainted by the hurts and insecurities that can jade and change us over time. So, what color are you?
  4. I am trying to find a reference that was made as to the personality of Satan. I can't remember exactly where I heard it - whether it was in Sunday school or during conference - but I remember the general feel of the quote and some of the points. Here is what I can remember: He is an expert at his craft and is always improving. He never sleeps, never rests and is always learning new and better ways to tempt and destroy. He knows your weaknesses and attacks you there. Thats all I can remember. The Thing that stands out the most to me in this particular quote was how he never rests or sleeps. Does anyone know who said this and where I can find the quote? I have tried searching everywhere. Google - no results. - nothing. On these forums - nothing. Any help would be appreciated!