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Found 3 results

  1. I need some feedback for a problem. Me and my husband recently got married, and I always knew he had a different idea of how to keep the Sabbath Day Holy, but our compromise was when it came to football season, I would allow football to be watched and not put up a fit. I felt it was a good compromise since he doesn't go shopping, go out to eat, or do anything else majorly wrong on the sabbath day. I myself however, had some very powerful spiritual experiences with the sabbath day, and have enjoyed for a very long time only doing things that would draw me closer to the Lord on that day. That means I wouldn't watch TV, or movies (unless a large group of friends were and it couldn't be avoided), and I'd try to serve and it seriously was the HAPPIEST day of the week. Now we both dread Sundays because he sees Sundays as making him a little stuck. Even though he will outwardly do things I like, inwardly he is bored out of his mind and not happy. As he's not very happy on that day, I am not very happy or excited to worship and praise the Lord all day long as I previously was. How can we take this damper off of our Sundays? I'm about to cave by just not caring about keeping them holy anymore, or just escaping for the day while he does what makes him happy (watch TV and Sports). I feel like he has never seen them as this AMAZING joyful, holy, packed full of the spirit kind of day as I see them. He just sees them as a day you go to church and try to not go out to eat, etc. He's always been a little downcast about Sundays. I don't think it's even the TV and Sports that bother me so much as the fact that he doesn't get the thrill out of the spirit of holiness on that day, and our difference of understanding is what makes it pretty hard. What should I do to make this day easier for us?
  2. Trying to figure out if it would be breaking the Sabbath if I were to work out on Sundays. I'm an overworked dad (like many others, I imagine). On weekdays, I get up early and rush off to work where i stand at a computer all day. Then I rush home to distract the kids (1 and 5) while my wife makes dinner. Then I clean up after dinner by doing the dishes and cleaning the dining room and kitchen. At that point, we usually have something to do, like FHE or groceries or an activity of some kind, and then we have to convince the kids that going to bed is not really the end of their world. By the time I'm done with that, I'm exhausted, but I haven't done a whole lot of physical exercise. Saturdays, we always have errands to run and housework or yardwork to do, and never enough time to get it done (sometimes that's simply because getting two kids to eat lunch is an ordeal). I usually end up staying up late every night working on some project or other, like fixing broken toys or trying to keep up with the family finances, scripture reading, journaling, etc. So even though I bike to work (8 miles round-trip), I don't get the exercise I think I need. And now that my metabolism is slowing down as I get older, I want to at least avoid gaining more weight than I already have. It seems like the only time I have for a good workout is Sunday morning. I just don't know if that would be part of keeping the Sabbath or not. I would work out at home instead of going to a gym to make someone else work, but it would be fairly rigorous. Can anyone tell me if this would be a bad idea or if I might be able to legitimately justify it?
  3. My 10 year old is a stand out soccer player and was asked to play on the spring select/all star team. We accepted under the condition that she wouldn't be able to participate in games on Sundays. This decision has been so hard for me (Mom) and my daughter. I never allow my daughter to see my struggle with this commitment but stay strong and encourage her that she is doing the right thing. I feel horrible that she has to feel the weight of the disappointment from the team, parents, and her coaches that she doesn't play on Sundays. I feel frustrated keeping this commitment when our Bishop watches the Superbowl on Sundays, families vacation, watch sporting events, travel, etc. and yet my daughter can't play in a couple Sunday games throughout the year. Also, championship games are always played on Sundays and our team was undefeated going into out championship game on Sunday and we didn't attend and the team lost. At the following practice a teammate told my daughter you are the best player on the team, we would have won if you were there. Sorry, I'm venting and struggling with this. My husband is fully committed to keeping the Sabath and is fine missing the games. My daughter gets sad when she misses a game but understands why we don't take her.