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My mother just called me to let me know my addicted/abusive husband called them today. Not to talk to the kids. Didn't even ask to talk to the kids, so didn't. No surprise there. The purpose to his call was to ask for pictures and to tell my parents that he is now living at his parents place. That his girlfriend and he are seperated (temperarily)till after the court date on the in August and then they will be getting back together. He said they seperated because Social Services got into an uproar about something(he didn't say what, I think it had to do with the email his girlfriend sent me that I forwarded to them and his probation officer). He also told them that Social Services told him very nastily(his words) that there is NO WAY he is getting the kids to take to the town he lives in or BC for the reunions. YIPPEE. After what I read in the email from his girlfriend there was no way I wanted my kids anywhere unsupervised with him.

I feel sorry for his parents. They can't seem to stop enabling him. He is 32years old and still runs to them to take him in because he can't support himself. I would never think about moving into my parents place. I am my own responsibility. I also pray that his girlfriend has the strength to keep him away. After the email I recieved I worry about her and her children.

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