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It is a great song, and very inspiring, but it's not his. He covered Miley Cyrus's version of it. She released it in March 2009, him in December.

I think Elphaba meant by his first it's his first cd release. Not that he was the first to release this particular song.

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ok..good song......and he DEFINATELY had the man/boy thing going on, along with a real sense for singing..ok, maybe the man/boy thing isnt his's just, what it is....

elph....i still think you brought this up because of the whole man/boy thing......your daughter's engaged.....empty nest syndrome.......need i go on??????

elph..........just want to ARE loved.......empty nest or are always welcome in my nest...........i'll, uh, tell the wife before you come tho...ok?

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Share on other sites you have ME dazed and confused.

That would make two of us as I don't follow the conversation at all.

That makes three of us. I think dazed should be docked points for using so many unneccessary periods.... doon ya......think?????? Or put into......a.......time!

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