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You guys are very funny!

Hi Dr. T, I think your brave.

I've met many lds counselors/psychologists besides the usual criteria that they not be more mental ill than I am, the reason I choose and lds counselor is that they understand our peculiar mormon culture. For instance, we have a vocabulary all our own, our ideals of Godhood, eteranl families and perfection, our unique way of making ourselves feel guilty, which is oddly similiar to catholics with different consequences, the whole "line of authority" processes, and they must have eaten green jello salad at some point in their life.

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Does anyone out there think I need therapy????!!!!!???!!

Oh my, not at all. In fact after reading your last posts, I am beginning to love the way your mind works mom_of_jcchlsm. It's great that you put so much thought into your kids names - I love messing with names.

My friend also has 7 children and when her 4th one came we realized there was a pattern in their birth "dates". They either had a "7" or a "5" in the date. Her 5th and 6th followed suit but the 7th one decided to change the pattern and borrowed my daughter's birth date - and #7 happens to be the only red-head. I guess there is a method in her madness.


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[Qoute] Pushka,

It really wasn't about doing "work out of hours" I promise. Its more an ethical/legal issue for me. Basic stats, etc. are not a problem though. You will be a good person to answer my next question about what an LDS member would look for in a psychologist.

Dr. T

(I hope that I've remembered how to 'quote' properly because I'm having to use Fast Reply all the time, my pc just isn't loading the normal reply page properly!!)

Anyway, thanks for your further reply Dr. T. and I really do understand your reasons for not wanting to try to advise people on what could be quite serious issues, without knowing all the facts...I really was only joking you know, and hope you realise this! lol.

As to your question about what an LDS person would look for in a psychologist. I was never baptised into the LDS church, and only attended from 1978 till 1982, and didn't see any psychologists until at least 1993, so I cannot answer as an LDS. I'm sure there are others here who would be willing to have a go tho.

I would assume that initially anybody searching for a psychologist would hope that the one they found was very approachable, patient and understanding of the variety of behaviours that the person requesting their help has experienced over the no. of years that they have been suffering, that they listen and do not patronise the person, and that they (goes without saying really) keep everything confidential unless that person is in need of further intervention from another service, in which case the psychologist would request their permission to disclose certain information shared. I would think that and LDS person, or any person who was heavily involved in their particular religion would feel better if the psychologist had a knowledge of the religion generally at least, but not particularly a 'stereotypical' image of the church members, and understood how the various practises of that religion affected that person's life in a way which might seem strange to those who do not practise that religion or it's 'rules'. I do know from the posts on this site, that LDS counsellors are available for church members.

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