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  1. Just a quick update, the girl in question is well and happy, and her baby is due soon. I don't think she ever attended the court of love, so I'm not sure if her membership in the church has been affected. I did post much more a short time ago, but realised that it was way too much information, and also felt like a gossip, so I apologise to anyone who may have read the post before I edited it.
  2. Yes, I was aware of the original phrase and the circumstances surrounding it. The reported did rephrase it to be more fitting to Michael Jackson..
  3. The hardhearted side of my tried desperately not to be affected by his death. I read one or two of the earlier reports where they didn't know if he was dead or in a coma, then as I tried to watch some catchup tv, and found the programme I wanted to watch wasn't featured, I turned on the BBC News channel and ended up watching about 2 hours of reports about the day's events. By the end of that, after listening to tributes to him, comparisons between his death and those of Elvis and John Lennon, even a reference to The day the dance died (or something very similar!), I shed some tears. I'm not really a hardhearted person, I have to recognise that he wasn't found guilty of the child molestation charges against him, even tho I am one of those that remained sceptical about his innocence, but you summed it up Funky, about paying off the offender if he really was guilty.. I grew up in the 60's and 70's, was a big fan of Donny Osmond and still liked Michael and the Jackson 5, bought some of his early 80's albums too..It is a sad day for his family and his fans. Don't want to overlook Farrah Fawcett either, she was one of my screen heroes in the late 70's and I remember desperately trying to get hairdressers to make my brown tresses just like hers, it never worked, lol :)
  4. Hi Pale, on behalf of the cats and I, we loves ya baby!!
  5. Hordak, YellowLight and Moksha, thanks for answering to Faded's post..you covered what I would have tried to say. Maxel, it's a pity that there is currently only the 1 side of the story being told, however it does look as if the church leaders have had knowledge of the status of these particular missionaries, in view of how the article mentions the evolving chuch policy on undocumented members, and the comments made by Jeffrey Holland. Whichever way you look at this, the church leaders are at least turning a blind eye to the Missionaries' status, and at most helping them to break the law, it doesn't look very good either way to me.
  6. As Hordak states, isn't the church doing wrong each time it knowingly allows an illegal immigrant to have a temple recommend, serve a mission? '"The travel department of the church has to rethink everything. Things have changed, and they need a whole new policy," said a local church official who was aware of the situation. "With ICE [immigration and Customs Enforcement] hitting them at the bus terminals and airports, this opens a whole new discussion. I don't know how many undocumented immigrants we have serving missions, but I'm sure this is going to repeat itself." LDS Church leaders have had evolving policies on how to keep undocumented missionaries safe. But this is the first time Holland has heard of a missionary being arrested by immigration officials while serving. "There's been an ongoing discussion of this for 15 years. These kind of incidents, or anything like it, would continue that discussion," said Holland, who is a member of the Missionary Executive Council. "We're always trying to do, always and forever, exactly what's legal, and in the spirit of that, be fair to everyone on the religious side, on the spiritual side, to have the spiritual benefits of [serving a mission]." ' 'Church leaders do make certain accommodations for undocumented missionaries, including calling them only to missions within the United States. But leaders acknowledge the missionaries' potential legal jeopardy.' Missionary's arrest sparks discussion, fear - Salt Lake Tribune From the above snippets, it appears that the church leaders are aware of at least some of the illegal immigrants it is sending on missions, and that it has been aware of this for many years.
  7. Thanks for your replies, I have to go out now, but will check the thread again when I come home, and follow up my post! By the way, I don't have a problem with illegal immigrants, I don't have strong views either way about them, I was just shocked to see that the church was, apparently, knowingly letting illegal immigrants go on missions, and aiding them by allowing them only to serve missions in the U.S. where they were much less likely to have their citizenship challenged than they would if they served in another country..
  8. Missionary's arrest sparks discussion, fear - Salt Lake Tribune 'The arrest of an undocumented immigrant returning last week from his LDS mission has sparked discussion at the highest levels of the church about how to limit such exposure in the future. "With the known realization that those risks exist, then we want to do better, or at least learn more," LDS apostle Jeffrey R. Holland, said Friday during an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune . "We want to be more precise, if we can, about how to help, how to make [a mission] the calmest, most spiritually rewarding experience for everybody." ' I was shocked when I saw this article yesterday, it seems that the church leaders are sending illegal immigrants on missions within the U.S. in order to try to prevent them from being detected as such if they attempt to travel abroad for their missions.. Could somebody please explain this, how it can be justified?
  9. I watched that on TV, Saturday night, was really good and hilarious!! :)
  10. Best place to start is either The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormon.org - Home for general questions/answers, happy searching :)
  11. I'm sorry to hear about you having been in this terrible situation. To be honest, in my opinion the Social Services are correct, you and your children will be better off without your abusive husband. You have tried all you can, it would not be fair to yourself or your children to put yourselves back into the dangerous position of living with him again. I'm happy that you are receiving the support of the police, your family and your Bishop and hope that you will be able to live a new life, without fear, in the near future.
  12. Quote guitarwizard: 'Background: I am a religious studies major at a public university and my goal is to be able to teach church history at some school ( longshot right?!). I tend to use my knowledge of church history in my classes and always am looking to expand my knowledge. I just wrote a paper for my Islam class comparing Islam to the Church from the origins to succession issues.' I have a fascination with the number of, and variety of religious faiths in the world. I'm a little lazy when it comes to researching them however, just doing a little here and there on the net these days, and watching some documentaries. A recent documentary here in the UK, which was really interesting, was Around the world in 80 Faiths. I loved discovering the 'new', to me, religions and cultures/customs that had grown around the communities.
  13. I think I'm pretty much who I say I am online and offline, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so cannot really hide who I am in the posts I make. I worry that I reveal too much of myself sometimes, and take the consequences of that. Wish I was as healthy as the puss in my avatar tho
  14. Prospectmum, I can understand how you're feeling, and I wish for all the best for your son while he's away from you, and all the best for you, waiting for him to return home. I think, regardless of whatever our individual views are of wars, and no matter on what side our children are fighting, we're all gonna have the same fears and worries, and tears as other parents in our situations.. The sooner there is no longer any reason for wars in this world, the better!!