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  1. mnn2501

    Why we still have Democrats

    I believe one of the problems is that each side looks at the most extreme members of the other party (media influence?) and labels all members of the opposite party as being like that. I believe there is a vast group of people that call themselves democrats and that call themselves republicans that could meet in the middle and agree on many topics, more people (I believe) than the number of people at the extremes. Perhaps someone should start a "Middle of the Road" political party.
  2. mnn2501

    Altering Garments

    Actually, if I remember right, a couple decades back BeeHive clothing sold the pattern for garments for those wanting to make their own.
  3. mnn2501

    Altering Garments

    It will be made correctly from the start and you don't need to alter it. In the grand scheme of things, there is probably little difference except that you'll be cutting into what is a sacred garment - that would bother me, it may or may not bother you. Besides, new garments are inexpensive.
  4. mnn2501

    Altering Garments

    You can call the distribution center and special order garments, you supply them with a number of measurements (they will email you what measurements they need) and they will special make them for you. I have to do this on the bottoms. It does take about 8 weeks to get them after ordering. You'll need an account to get to this page:
  5. It won't do a thing until Black families start staying together. Something they did before LBJ's "Great Society" started paying women for having babies.
  6. mnn2501

    Controlling My Drive (Literally)

    my first 6 cars combined didn't cost $2600.
  7. I can not imagine any gay/lesbian couple wanting their child to be baptized - has there ever been a case since the policy went into effect?
  8. mnn2501

    Why Vintage Computing?

    When we were upgrading our phones at the T-Mobile store, I was talking with the very young salesman about old school devices and I mentioned I still have 2 slide rules at home. He had never heard of them, I told him to Google it. Slide rules helped make rockets (among other things)
  9. mnn2501

    Computer cord endings

    I do IT Support and those types of Cables/monitors are still in use and will be for years to come, especially for computers with multiple monitors (one will be that type)
  10. Give him your contact information and tell him when he's off his mission you'd like to stay in touch.
  11. mnn2501

    Your vehicle, and your route out of town

    As an old man with many health problems, there are very few events I would 'bug out' for. Once you hit a certain point in your life, preparedness takes on a whole new meaning (and usually has to do with keeping a path clear to the bathroom) 😎.
  12. mnn2501

    Please help with my new calling

    We were in a small Ward when my wife was in the YW Presidency. The local Walmart let them have a table around Christmas time on a Friday night and Saturday to wrap gifts and accept donations - the table was outside but this was in Florida so it was not really cold. They also held a car wash in the Church parking lot. And had an auction for services they could provide - baby sitting, cleaning, yard work, tutoring, etc The YM did the auction thing also and also held a spaghetti dinner (Someone should have helped them to cook as the food was terrible but they raised money). They also did a 'garage" sale in the Church parking lot with items donated by members (anything left over at the end was donated to Good Will)
  13. Having grown up in an area dominated by Catholics, I was used to kids coming back to school in the afternoon of Ash Wednesday with ashes on their forehead, I was also used to the schools serving fish every Friday for school lunch even though it was a public school. To me this just speaks to the need for people to learn about others and their beliefs. I don't blame the teacher, I blame the culture (and yes I am LDS)