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  1. You need to check her voting record if you believe that.
  2. I am not sure how anyone can listen to the tape where Joe Biden withheld American aid until a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired cannot see that that is a prime example of Quid Pro Quo.
  3. I order supplies for our building and while there was a slight hiccup due to the account number changing, it was quickly fixed and we never ran out of anything. As far as the fire alarm, send that up the 'chain' to the Agent Bishop or the Stake High Councilman in charge of the building maintenance. If that does not get it done I would be tempted to write a letter to the Presiding Bishopric , 50 E North Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84150
  4. Dallas TX Thursdays high 92F - Fridays High 64F It was in the 40's when I left for work Friday morning. That's a Temperature drop!
  5. I made a mid life career change into IT 21 years ago. It really depends on where you live as to how much you make - I was in Florida and my first IT job was just under $20K, 3 months later I moved to TX and started a new job at $35K Keep in mind those were 21 years ago. I do make well over your required minimum now, but starting out you cannot expect much.
  6. Cravings are something you have to work through. Sadly with smoking I did it to myself - but I survived. Actions have consequences.
  7. No women in my Ward wore pants and in checking with a couple of friends no one in their wards did either - It may have been an "event" in the mountain west but it was ignored most other places.
  8. I never touched it again either, but that doesn't mean you don't get a craving.
  9. Yes, (I smoked for 17 years) but after the first few months, the cravings get lighter and further in between. In my 17th year I might have gotten 1 craving all year.
  10. IF you are using Nicotine gum (or the patch) to quit smoking I say Great, just know that it continues the actual addition it just gets rid of the habit of smoking. In 1986 I quit smoking - cold turkey, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I did start going through at least 1 box of TicTacs a day for the first couple months (do they even still sell TicTacs?) Just know that as long as you don't dwell on them the urges to smoke do go away and it gets less and less over time, however my doctor told me and he was correct, that for as long as I smoked, thats how many years I would still get cravings. (of course the longer it was the less frequest and strong they were). Good Luck.
  11. It appears to me is that the dems are doing is governing (and running for election) by tweet. They are going for people who tweet which is mainly millennial's and hollywood. I have to believe there are many people who consider themselves to be democrats that are wondering why the party is moving away from them.
  12. $50K a month cocaine habit?
  13. Not a big consumer of Nike, but after this I will insure we never give them a dime of our money.
  14. After watching as much as I could of both debates, all I see are candidates pandering to the far left. Most Americans are not far left. I want a middle of the road candidate to vote for.
  15. JoJo, you are not meant to be anyone's doormat: you are a Child of God. I see no reason for you to apologize for anything based on what you have told us here. You don't need this relationship on these terms, leave things as they are. Perhaps someday they'll come around but as far as I'm concerned 'the ball is in their court'