The Impact of Pornography on families

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  • 3 months later...

I think, at least for me as a young teen it was there because of lonelyness. I got bored of it by time I hit my 20s. I always, to myself said I would get rid of it all, if I met someone and was in a relationship but at 24 I've never been in any relationship so...

but it outgrew its usefulness, to me, long ago and I am fine with being alone. It is just a reminder of a bygone age to me

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i installed the K9 filter few weeks ago and havent had any relaps yet.

The thing with Pornography is that it is so easy to find that you almost dont think about it as a sin, it becomes a everyday thing, just a mouseclick away - but if you make it harder, more difficult to find, by setting up obstacles, blocking porn, and setting passwords for blocked content, etc - then you soon lose interest, becasue it is too difficult and too much job to find porn - man is a lazy animal, if its too difficult to get something - meh, nevermind then!

i can really recommend K9 filter!

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