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I am a Primary President in a very small Branch with only 5 children in our Primary. I have one counselor. At this time, I teach a class and do Sharing time. My counselor teaches a class and does the music.

My question is regarding Sharing Time. The handbook says that Sharing Time should be done by the Primary Presidency. We have a sister in our Branch that I would like to call to do just the Sharing time and not call her to the Presidency. Our stake Primary President has approved that calling but I am getting feedback that I should not ignore the Handbook.

I would like some suggestions on what I should do.

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The Handbook is a great guide and should always be referenced for ideas and inspiration.

However, the Handbook is not the "be all and end all".

Remember, you didn't ignore the handbook. You are looking for a solution to magnify your calling, and you are seeking additional resources for your unique situation.

If the handbook had every single answer for every single situation possible, then what would be the point of having a President?

Handbooks do not preside, people who are called for the position preside.

Follow the inspiration and continue to seek and act upon guidance received from your Stake Leaders. That's what they're there for! :)

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To Pam and skippy740

Thanks to both of you for your comments. I feel just as the two of you do - the children come first!

I will sleep better tonight knowing I probably won't be excommunicated for not following the handbook exactly as it is written.

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Creativeness comes especially when you are in a small branch. comes in large wards come to think of it. When I was Primary President we had about 120 active children.

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I am currently responsible for primary (I have been assigned to cover it until a new presidency and teachers are called) in a very small branch and with the approval of the then Branch pres I only do sharing time (because of the age range of the children, the fact that they are late every week and we have less time than normal for primary). I think that if you have prayed about calling this sister and feel that is what is right to and you already have approval from stake presidency then I would say go with it. When you are in a small branch it isn't always possible to have every calling filled and people sometimes end up doing things differently as it is what works for the members/numbers they have available. I would say go with the flow and trust the inspiration you have recieved!

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