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    Treat plates

    I make my sugar cookies with gluten free flour and it makes them really light and yummy
  2. Smudge

    Water to become HUGE issue

    Sounds like a good reason to move to Scotland and bring more members to my tiny little branch!
  3. Smudge

    Finger foods for festivities

    You could do garlic mushrooms - cooked mushrooms in a garlicy breadcrumb crust Or stuffed cherry tomatoes
  4. Smudge

    Christmas Menu

    I am going to be trying a new recipe. I am going to make the cornbread from this: BBC - Food - Recipes : Chilli beef cornbread pies
  5. Smudge

    Christmas Menu

    We are having our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and will be feeding about 10 people. We will be having: Turkey, salmon or pork loin Roast potatoes Carrots Sprouts Peas Sweetcorn Broccolli Cornbread Stuffing Cranberry Sauce Desert will be: Chocolate Cheesecake or Chocolate Yule Log
  6. Smudge

    long distance relationships....

    I have a couple of friends who had long distance relationships and are now happily married so it can work out
  7. Smudge

    Finger foods for festivities

    Sandwiches. cheese and pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks - very 80s but always popular
  8. Smudge

    Finger foods for festivities

    Puff pastry cheese straws - roll out some ready made puff pastry. sprinkle grated cheese on half of it, fold in half, reroll out, sprinke cheese and repeat once more. Brush with either a milk or egg wash and top with some more grated cheese. Cut into strips - and place on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake (can't tell you the temp because I am not sure what it is - I just go by what it says on the packaging) Sausage rolls - sausage meet wrapped in puff pastry and cooked for about 20 - mins until golden brown
  9. Smudge

    Using "Ms." instead of "Mrs."

    Must vary - across the UK then as well between here and the USA My mother is Divorced and hits the roof if anyone dares to refer to her as Ms
  10. Smudge

    Using "Ms." instead of "Mrs."

    Over here at least Ms has a couple of uses 1 - if someone is married but doesn't take their husbands last name (maybe for professional reasons = for example a teacher who gets married part way through a school year) 2 - women who are in a relationship but are not married 3 - women who don't want the world to know if they are married or single I realise it might be different in the USA - but that is why I always score out Ms and write in Miss
  11. Smudge

    Using "Ms." instead of "Mrs."

    I hate being refered to as Ms! I am unmarried and therefore a Miss - and happy for the world the know that! I have been known to score Ms off of forms and write in Miss!
  12. Smudge

    Dog dying

    I am sorry - sending you hugs from across the ocean.
  13. Smudge

    Musty towels?

    I am a big fan of using bicarbonate of Soda/Sodium Bicarbonate - put your towels in a bath of it in solutions. It is great for absorbing smells in general - in shoes, fridges, funky smelling water bottles! I between summers at summer camp, when my water bottle was stored in friends Shed so I didn't have to cart it home, I would just put some in my bottle to prevent smells. Good luck
  14. I read this and thought what is so surprising about people walking places - and then I looked at where you live and remembered my experiences in the USA and suddenly I understand why it is so surprising! In my town most people walk to - but that is because we have a completely different attitude towards cars for the most part and we have better public transport! And talking of various berries! My house has it its own Blackberry patch :) Which produces award winning ankle wrecking Blackberries!
  15. The vitamin C factory in my town is (or at least was) the worlds biggest factory and is the main employer in the valley My town (actually little more than a village) is one of 3 in a valley and about 2/3 of the population of 3 towns are all related! In my branch at the moment every active member over the age of 20 has been thru the temple - sounds impressive until you realise that we only have about 20 active adults! Dispite living in Scotland where everyone thinks we have long cold winters - I live on the west coast which is more mild - to the point that town over the hill, and right on the sea coast can grow palm trees
  16. Smudge

    School shooting in Colorado

    I think Sali means that if people with mental health problems had the support they needed they would be less likely to do extreme things like shooting lots of innocent people rather than putting the responsibility of gun control in the hands of the drs
  17. Smudge

    Temple Clothing Adaptation for Disabled

    They can make modifications to garments for medical/disability needs - we have looking into this in the process of helping my friend who has a catheter (sp?) bag so that obviously will affect her us of garments!
  18. Smudge

    Giving the gift of Keurig

    I think I would if I were in a position to do so
  19. Smudge

    School shooting in Colorado

    Taking mass shootings as being more than a couple of people killed - but including all the incidents that don't make the world media - according to USA Today they aren't that rare: USA TODAY Investigation: Database of mass shootings, 2006-2013 And since Sandy Hook there have been 23 - that is nearly 2 a month: Interactive graphic: the 23 US mass-shootings since Sandy Hook - Telegraph (this article only looks at shootings with multiple deaths - so doesn't include shootings like LAX where only one person died but lots of people where injured) In comparrison the last recorded mass shooting I can find for the UK was 2010 and that wasn't in a School! I think that what anatess says has some validity - because if you look at the make on the second link the bible belt states and Utah/Idaho are among the states with no mass shootings. But breaking the family is part of Satans plans to disrupt Heavenly Fathers plans
  20. I remember about 20 years ago talking with one of my lecturers and she said that scientists were starting to think that the big bang theory might not be accurate!
  21. Smudge

    What's the last book you read?

    Last week a read A Christ Centered Christmas - I thought it was a really well though out book with some really good ideas for making Christmas more Christ centered by starting various traditions of service and study and as you complete each one adding a figure to your nativity scene. Prior to that I read a very short book - more a booklet really - called The Last Straw which again was about making Christ the focus of your Christmas celebrations by carrying out acts of secret service and each time you do something adding another straw to a manager so that one Chrstmas Eve baby jesus (well a doll symbolizing Jesus) will have nice soft bed - the more secret service the more straw and therefore the softer the bed will be
  22. Smudge

    School shooting in Colorado

    I am not afraid of guns - I have shot guns. I just happen to live in a country that has both gun control and no shootings in the last 17 years
  23. No one should put up with being abused - heavenly father loves his children and wants us all to have Joy - what you have gone thru is far from Joyous! I am sure that it will take you a long time to recovered from what you have gone thru but in time you will start, I hope, to feel worthy of being loved and able to love again. Stay strong!
  24. Smudge

    School shooting in Colorado

    Gun control and disarming are not the same thing! We can own guns if we choose - after we have passed appropriate background checks and proved that they will be stored properly - in securely locked gun safes! I imagine that it may well be partly cultural - but why not learn from countries where children and go to school without having pass thru metal detectors or have the treat of armed security guards petrolling the schools! If I lived in the USA and had children I would rather home school than allow a child to go to school with armed guards! I believe their are far more effective ways. I am talking about things that have been bandied about american citizens interviewed for UK news who are saying things like teachers should be armed or there should be armed guards in schools! Guns are no more evil than cars or chocolate - it those who use or miss use them that are! The kind of people you talk about also are against other forms of education that fall within the scope of PSHE
  25. Smudge

    School shooting in Colorado

    I honestly don't understand why so many americans are against gun control! Seems like over the last year or 2 our hearts have been torn at by the news of yet another school shooting! In the UK we have not had a school shooting since the Dunblane tragedy in 1996. After that regulations over who could own guns legally and how they had to be stored and even enforcement of said law, along with restrictions on where and how they could be sold were enforced! Don't get me wrong we do still have gun crime but much less and certainly not in schools. Personally I don't think that putting more guns into schools is the solution! Since the your constitution gives you right to bare arms why not teach mandatory gun safety classes - surely that coupled with gun control would be much more effective than putting more guns into schools.