Enrique R. Falabella (Sunday pm session)

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The best school for parents is called home.

The temple is the place.

The best statement in conference: "Blanca, shake hands with everyone."

Participating in a celestial marriage is not enough. We must live a celestial life.

The words I love you, forgive me etc are like balms to the soul.

The child that sings is a happy child.

Technology allows us to do wonders.

Our Father in Heaven is a perfect example of expressing love.

Love the Book of Mormon and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon needs to be read with prayer.

It is not enough to know the scriptures. We need to live them.

The home can become a piece of heaven here on earth.

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While it certainly wasn't the best talk of conference, I loved it anyway. I truly felt his spirit and what a good sense of humor as well.

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