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Dr T

Best way to squish toothpaste tube  

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  1. 1. When you use your toothpaste, how do you squeeze the tube?

    • Squish flat from the bottom up
    • Top first
    • Squish on the sides of the tube
    • Other and describe how you do it

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I already voted...but, was going to say, I squish flat from bottom up, but my husband squishes right at the top. It actually makes for a good way for both of us because of the way each of us puts the tube back into the toothpaste holder cup.


When my husband puts in back into the holder, he puts it in so when I grab it the bottom end is already sticking up. When I put it in the top is sticking out of the holder.


Maybe that is why we squish the way we do... it's all in how you grab the toothpaste out of the holder. LOL

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I do it however the person before me did!

It's a compulsive thing stemming from living with too many people / not willing to choose that battle.

Even living on my own,.. I always look at the tube before squeezing. Hmmmmm. Wouldn't want to be mad at myself?


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