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    Besides my family and Church, my interest is creating graphics at my Paint Shop Pro graphics forum. You can find it at All the lessons I have are FREE! We also teach animation lessons.
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  1. I can't stand for my hands to be wet and will dry them even if I am going to put them right back into the water. Food needs to be organized and labels facing the same outward direction. If I touch one side of my face, I have to touch the other side. But, then I may feel I have to do it in reverse to equal it out. I could go on an on... I am totally OCD.
  2. Yes... there were a few children at the movies when we went to see this last night. The little girl behind us just kept asking questions... like why does he have blood. Did he fall down? They didn't understand. I don't think younger children should have gone to this movie.
  3. 9 Lives... Cute ... but the cat meow all the time kinda ruined it for me. Listening to all the children in the movie house laughing made it an even better movie.
  4. When I was teaching primary... I gave them fun stickers instead of food. Not because of any other reason than I don't eat sweets, so didn't want to make them for anyone. LOL The kids loved picking out what sticker they wanted.
  5. We didn't make it the other night to the movies...but, made it tonight. Ice Age Collision Course ... I loved this movie. I would see it again. It didn't matter what part they were showing, there was something entertaining in it. The kids at the movies were laughing so much... cracked me up.
  6. Going to see Ice Age: Collision Course. Hope it's good.
  7. I had a heart attack last Sunday after church. The ambulance went to the wrong was delayed getting to my house. My husband saved my life as he allowed the Lord to work through him. I can tell you for sure that there is a connection with the spirit world. Could it be a trick of the mind? Maybe... but, unless it has happened to you then you could never truly understand it. i truly believe it.
  8. Personally I wouldn't bother. From what I can remember on the timeline of the dates, they appear to be far and in between. First date Halloween with 2 dates to follow. Then not another one until MLK day which would be in January with a few more that were really not dates. He is or has left for California and then going on a mission. So there is no chance of dating at least for 2 years. I would just go on my way and enjoy being young. He already said he doesn't want to call anyone his girlfriend. You can always stay friends. A mission changes a person.