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Linda K. Burton - Saturday a.m. Session

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The husband is never more attractive to his wife than when he is serving as a worthy Priesthood holder in the home.


It must be difficult for men to live in a world when it demeans the role of men in the world.


Satan is intent on making all men miserable.


We need to lift each other and help each other to become as Christ.


It is not good for men to live alone.  That is why the Lord provided a helpmeet.


The nature of male and female spirits are there to complete each other.  Not to compete with each other.


How often do we intentionally speak kind words to each other?


Guilt is to our spirit is what pain is to our body.


When was the last time we praised our companion in front of our children?

When was the last time we thanks and expressed love in prayer?

When was the last time we stopped ourselves from saying something hurtful?

When was the last time we apologized without saying but……?

When was the last time I chose to be happy instead of demanding to be right?

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I think I had tears in my eyes during all of her talk.  I appreciate the men in my life and I need to make sure my husband and my sons know how much I love and sustain them in their role of husbands, fathers, and sons.

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