Thoughts on going through a rough spot in a relationship


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I have a friend whose going through a rough spot in her marriage, one that might end in divorce.  I wrote this for her, but felt that I should also share it on here for whomever might also need to hear it---



When you're going through a rough spot in a relationship, there are some good things to do, regardless of how the relationship turns out:

Be Honest.  Be honest with yourself-- did you do you hardest at the little things and the big things.  When you make a mistake, own it.  When something is not your fault, don't lie to yourself and say it is, or let other people tell you that.
Be loving.  Be loving with yourself and with all those around you, even if that love requires you to set boundaries.  
Be respectful.  Respect is the child of honesty and love.  Respect yourself, respect those that help you, and respect those that hurt you (even if there needs to be boundaries).
Stand.   Stand on your own two feet in a place of truth, love, and respect.  If those you love choose to stand with you, celebrate and stand with them. If those you love choose a different path... we will miss them and cry together, but we still must stand in Truth.
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