What should I expect when on my mission?

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I'm going to serve a full-time stake mission in a few months, and as far as my knowledge goes, that includes proselyting locally with the sister missionaries in my ward. I've went on team-ups with them a few times and I already have an idea of what it'll be like. I live in the Bible belt and LDS make up less than 1% of the population in my state. I'm a convert to the church and I used to be a Southern Baptist before I joined the church. I've heard about stereotypes about missionaries, but as a soon-to-be sister missionary, are there any for female missionaries? I've been met with doors slammed in my face when out with the full-time sister missionaries as soon as they saw a Book of Mormon in my hand, rude people, and there's been people who listen to the message of the Restoration.

For those who have served missions after the "Book of Mormon" musical debuted and ongoing shows on stage continuing, did it play a factor in the people you met\taught? I'll be a member for a full year on August 6 and I've been excited about serving a mission since I was baptized, but I was originally hoping to serve a full-time mission, but I'm glad there's a mission for me to serve Heavenly Father!

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Congratulations on serving as a Sister missionary @Springtrapped.
I'm male, went on a mission decades ago in South America well prior to any anti musical.

With that said...

Each generation of missionaries will face opposition. That opposition may be in the form of a: Broadway musical, books, animated cartoons, etc.

The fact is, there is opposition in all things, a mission is no different. Missionaries will learn to adapt to the modern spins of these criticisms, but for the most part - anti material is typically the same old talking points rehashed over and over again. Don't worry, have faith and enjoy your Mission!

If you are handed lemons on your mission, make lemonade instead. The Church took out ads in the actual BOM musical playbill doing just that:

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