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Ralph Gracie brutally assaults Flávio Almeida

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We're Gracie Barra.  And for those who know GB, they are a ginormous group that relate to each other like a small tight-knit family.  You put on the GB gi, and you're instant brothers/sisters.  So this unprovoked attack put us on edge.  But, like a family, we don't just react, we look up to our leadership to command the situation first, especially in this kind of mess.

From what I understand (although we're all really just speculating at this point because Ralph and his Academy has not said anything), this incident is a territorial pissing contest in Northern California.  There's an unwritten rule that San Francisco area is a Ralph Gracie area and GB is not allowed to penetrate that market.  But then Ralph took in one of the high profile GB coaches (they are friends) when the GB coach had to move to N Cali due to personal dire straits and hire him as one of his coaches.  This caused Ralph's San Francisco academy to have one too many coaches which caused one of their high profile coaches to leave and open his own BJJ school in San Francisco taking a lot of Ralph's students.  With the GB coach in San Francisco and Ralph's academy in turmoil, it made rumor that the no-compete rule is null-and-void and some high-up GB coaches are thinking of opening a school there (maybe Flavio himself is part of the rumor, but we here at our GB corner have not heard of such a thing).  So, the thinking is that this attack by Ralph on Flavio is a result of that rumor.  But that's just speculation.

Of course, attacking a coach from behind at a tournament is an ultra-jerk move, even if it's by a Gracie (they're not known to be meek and mild people) regardless of the reason behind the attack.  So this, alone, is cause for GB to take steps to make sure they defend their family.  But it seems like the higher ups are wanting everybody to just calm down and let the authorities handle the thing.

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