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  1. FlaviusHambonius

    What do we all think of the President's speech yesterday?

    I wonder who most of the young students will be around the world in the year 2114 after watching this. I stumbled on to this the other day and found it quite interesting. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1312110880060
  2. FlaviusHambonius

    Ferguson Fury

    I listened to this several days ago of the black minister Jonathan Gentry voicing out his thought's on the matter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B092acMImJE
  3. FlaviusHambonius

    Acceptable violence?

    I don't mean to be offensive to you Judo, but I really do consider these men animals. To me personally there is no other way to say it. To me they are not 'just as human as you and me' biologically yes they're human, but that's about where it ends for me personally. Anyone that shoots 14 year old girls simply because she is trying to better herself in a god-forsaken wasteland or decapitate someone with a knife while they're sreaming and a host of other atrocities is well....you know the answer.
  4. FlaviusHambonius

    Acceptable violence?

    Yes the Saviour said to love your enemies and forgive all that tresspass against you, and I'm glad you can take the highroad LM, because I believe you are a better man than I am. But I will say if that was my 14 year old daughter, I probably wouldn't take the high road. So yes I disagree.... and yes perhaps the Lord would not be as merciful and forgiving towards me as a result.
  5. FlaviusHambonius

    Acceptable violence?

    In response to your confusion -- the only way I can put it to you is that a boxer enters the ring with the knowledge that yes, he is entering an arena that is going to be violent because that is how he makes his living, because he is good enough at it hopefully that he can make a living at it and feed his family -- if he has one. He and his opponent go in with the idea that it isn't going to be a bed of roses, that quite possibly both could come out battered, cut and bruised and yes some have even died as a result -- but both have entered that ring with the full knowledge that could be a possibility -- but they both have made that personal choice. So I don't think the boxer is creating violence for 'his own glory' per se, (although I admit many have a huge ego) but out of necessity for his livelihood. He's not going out with the intention of killing his opponent and he's sure not packing an AK-47 to shoot his opponent in the head and not threatening to come back to finish the job in case he didn't succeed the first time. The Taliban that shot the little girl were tring to kill her because she spoke out about wanting to get an education. The Taliban made they're decision to try to kill her -- she had no say in the matter. The two boxers made their decisions and accept all that comes with it. The 14 year old girl made no such decision -- it was forced upon her through the Taliban. I don't know how even the hardcore of the hardcore of Taliban could call shooting a 14 year old girl as doing it 'for the glory of god'. You did make a good point, and I probably didn't answer you very well and probably shouldn't have even brought the boxer into the equation.
  6. FlaviusHambonius

    Acceptable violence?

    One thing else I would like to say and that is in regards to such individuals that choose their occupations in such sports as boxing or football or whatever.......yes it is violent but that is what they chose to do. Every boxer who steps into the ring is going in with the intention to knock the head off of his opponent not to do a tap dance, but again that is what he chose to do as a proffesion. So it doesn't really matter what people think is 'acceptable violence' or not -- it's their choice -- and they will reap what repracussions that might follow -- and his opponent realizes the same.
  7. FlaviusHambonius

    Acceptable violence?

    What about the Taliban gunmen who stopped the bus and then entered the bus and called out the name of the 14 year old Pakistani girl and then gunned her down, just because she felt that all women should have the chance to better themselves and have an education. A 14 year old girl who had the courage and hope that she and other women would someday see that come to fruition, and so she spoke out about it. Would it turn your stomach to have these animals hunted down and taken off of the face of the earth so that innocent 14 year old girls would not have to worry about such brutality in the future? Or should we just let them have a pass and let God deal with them in the future. Whatever you think the high ground is, it does at least for now seem to be in our hands, after all isn't that what we're over there for? Even though it is in Pakistan, hopefully the Pakistani government would try to hunt these men down, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Let us not forget that these same animals that shot this 14 year old girl also said that they would try to hunt her down again once she heals from her wounds -- if she ever does survive at all.
  8. FlaviusHambonius

    Questions about a website

    I'm at work and the web-site is filtered so I didn't get to check it out, but I did get a good chuckle when the OP said that all of these people have been converted to Mormonisim.....I mean come on George Carlin? That must of been one outstanding missionary in the spirit world. You would have to have spiritual eyes for a brief moment in time or as Pam said a direct line to the spirit world, but no way of knowing who has accepted what.
  9. FlaviusHambonius

    Questions about a website

    There is the possibility that if you have a hard core Baptist, Methodist, Catholic or whatever faith that they had here in mortality and that faith was still strong within them when they passed, chances are that they will stay strong in that faith in the hereafter. LDS theology is that they (the LDS faith) will have missionary work in the spirit world teaching those spirits that have passed important things pertaining to the kingdom of God....at least those things according to LDS theology. But if these same spirits that were so strong in their faith here on earth and rejected other belief systems here on earth ....ie Mormonism for example, how would they're thought patterns change so dramatically that all of the sudden they accept Mormonisim? How do we know that spirits that had other belief systems are not also preaching they're particulair brand of faith? Mormons believe that when your spirit leaves your body, that spirit will take the same characteristics with them into the next realm. So for spirits that held different light and knowledge and beliefs contrary to LDS might still find it difficult to jump ship. I don't think the Lord is going to sit everybody down in the spirit world and expound LDS theology to everyone. Spirits that never believed in God while in mortality I'm sure are having a whole new world opened up to them....but where that will lead them who knows? These are just random thoughts and speculation on my part.
  10. FlaviusHambonius

    Other religions

    Well speaking for myself it seems obvious that when Joseph Smith had this vision and beheld Alvin in the Celestial Kingdom of God it had to have been the highest degree. verse 3: 'Also the blazing throne of God, whereon was seated the Father and The Son' He also talks about seeing Adam and Abraham which fits in quite nicely with LDS theology because of the fact that LDS theology says that Adam and Abraham and all of the rest of the great and noble ones were united back to their bodies after the resurection of Christ. That means to me at least since their spirits had been reunited with their bodies and they were dwelling in the Kingdom of God where the 'blazing throne of God was.... and seated in that blazing throne of God was the Father and the Son......and then he beheld Alvin who had passed away in 1823 and had not had any ordinances performed.....because this vision was occuring in 1836 and none of the ordinances for baptisms for the dead would occur until 1842 during the Nauvoo period. So in my estimation Alvin had either obtained Exaltation and was dwelling in The Fathers Kingdom along with Adam and Abraham and the rest of the great and noble ones without any ordinances being performed at that point or Joseph Smith was having a vision of something that was going to happen in the future..... but without having the ordinance of baptisms for the dead being revealed and performed at that time. These were some of the thoughts going around in my head as I read through D&C section 137 -- 138 and also 127 and 128. It doesn't talk about Alvin still being in the spirit world....it say's Joseph beheld him in the Celestial Kingdom of God......which I interpret to mean the highest degree. So if Alvin passed in 1823 and The Vision of sec 137 came in 1836 and the sections of baptisms for the dead didn't come until 1842.....why was Alvin seen in vision by Joseph dwelling in the celestail kingdom with God.....instead of the spirit world or spirit paradise until such ordinances were revealed? Just thoughts and questions going through my mind and curiosity -- I might be out in left feild.... maybe someone could chime in and set me straight. As for some of the other things being discussed -- my thoughts as of the last few years seems to heading in the direction or notion that God will judge us for striving to be the best that we can be given our circumstances, morals and ethics which have been instilled in us by family, culture and our religious beleifs that we hold dear to our hearts. In other words we do the best with what we know until we find something that has even more knowledge or value to us -- it's a process and a journey of life....at least to me. The fact is....at least to me, is that the world is not going to become all Mormons, Evangelicals, Buddists or Muslim until that day when it's all set right. To always think in black and white terms with no color in between or at least a little gray just doesn't seem realistic to me anymore.....it did perhaps to a point when I was younger and brought up in Mormon culture and doctrine. Now it's just hard for me to believe that a small minority has the market on over 6 billion souls in the world.....'.the only way is our way' (yea, I know Gods way) mentality just seems a little off....to me at least and that goes for all belief systems who claim such. Just thoughts and opinions....I'm not trying to offend anyone. Perhaps in my journey I will come to a whole different thought as time goes on. The most important thing to me is that God blessed me with a Saviour and that I will always have hope in him......regardless of where my journey in life takes me.
  11. FlaviusHambonius

    Unofficial definition of "active" LDS

    So let me get this straight -- what you are suggesting is that 2/3 of the membership remove their names from the church records because of their inactivity?
  12. FlaviusHambonius

    14-year-old Boy Shoots Intruder

    I say bravo for the kid who shot the intruder. He did what his gut told him to do -- get his siblings upstairs and grab a gun for the protection of himself and his siblings. Once a intruder breaks into someone's home, then he has crossed the forbidden zone and all bets are off. If this happened more often thugs might thinks twice before entering someones home. A few years back I watched a video of a burgler who had descibed the specifics about how his operation had worked for years and of course he descibed how much easier it was to rob a place when there was no threat of someone on the other side with a weapon. He also spoke with delight how he liked to rape the women -- again because there was no threat of a gun on the other side. So in my opinion if person is willing to break someones door down and invade their domain -- he better be willing to pay the price........end of story.
  13. FlaviusHambonius

    One true church of Christ?

    Sorry it took so long to get back to your question peteolcott, perhaps this will help you as to your question about humility. Humility Here's some other topics if interested: Mormon Doctrine
  14. FlaviusHambonius

    Fellowshipping in the bathroom

    That story needs to in the Ensign....or told in Conference where a lot of ears can hear and heed a great message of what it's all about.
  15. FlaviusHambonius

    One true church of Christ?

    Read a book called 'Conflict In The Quorum' by Gary Bergera. That might give you an insight -- It was interesting to read the spats between Orson Pratt and Brigham Young and their opposing outlooks on doctrine (as the years went on) and their differing ideas on how leadership and authority was to fit into the scheme of things. (after the death of Joseph Smith) Even in the modern Church, I'm sure they have their moments of disagreement -- it's bound to happen I would think with 15 different personalities -- but I think when it gets down to the nitty gritty, there of one mind.