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  1. All talks from conference were wonderful. I especially liked Elder Holland's.
  2. Kapeenee

    In need of some clean humor!

    Ok this is one my son asked me... "Mom, have you ever seen the movie Constipated?" "No." I replied "Good, because it never came out!"
  3. Kapeenee

    the song game

    Lonely is the word Black sabbath
  4. Kapeenee

    the song game

    Dying Song by john frusciante
  5. Kapeenee

    Please come visit this pathetic old lady.

    I miss you Elphie! :)
  6. Kapeenee

    The Nerve Of Some People!

    Oh my heck ! I would have punched her in the face...you are a much better woman that me. :)
  7. Kapeenee

    Can someone do me a favor?

    I cannot help you but you are pathetic....... Just joshin =P...sorry couldn't resist.......
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    My name is kapeenee, and I am a lds.net addict.... sorry...I could not resist....
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    Should my kids go to seminary?

    I would always encourage going to seminary. I have an almost 14 yr old and he is in bed by 8:30 every night, so it can be done. I think it can be a great thing for them if they can go. Just my 2 cents, for what its worth lol.
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    lol...this was a joke...I have been here for a long time but I am now ready to let you know that this place is my addiction lol.
  11. Kapeenee

    To You From Me

    Oh that was a great one feebs!
  12. Kapeenee

    Why I am here.

    Oh let's all face it...Elphaba sticks around cuz she loves me the most...... =) (hijack over)
  13. Kapeenee

    Caption it!

    "Oh Crap! He is not gonna kiss me again, is he?"
  14. Kapeenee

    Stephenie Meyer- Breaking Dawn

    I am reading it and so far I love it! :)
  15. Kapeenee

    Quitting Smoking

    I do not think you are being punished because *I* do not think our Father in Heaven works like that. I have heard that the missionaries have a great stop smoking program. Otherwise I would suggest a lot of Praying And a lot of fasting. Good luck.
  16. Kapeenee

    What is your favorite temple?

    I love the Chicago, St Louis and Nauvoo temple. The Chicago one because that is where my sister and I did the work for our parents and brother, St. Louis Because that is where we were endowed and the nauvoo temple because It is beautiful and because of the history and the sacrafice the early saints went through and it is the temple in my district.
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    My son has read this series and loved it more than Harry Potter.
  18. Kapeenee

    "Tuesdays with Morrie"

    I have not read it but I want to. :)