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  1. So sorry to hear it aruth! Pam, did I see correctly that eternalpromis516 won't be there either? I'm still planning on it.
  2. Wait, wait, wait, wait..... this just got interesting... WHAT?! Why didn't you message me on here?! Can't say that I know exactly what you're talking about based on those hints...
  3. Good point. Let's make sure to discuss feelings about pictures being posted from the gathering as well.
  4. Thanks Vort! It's so fun to jump back into posting again. I sure did miss your posts.
  5. I didn't say "Let's pass legislation that wouldn't allow anyone to get married before 25!" As I stated previously, in a rather in what I thought was a cheek way, my statement was probably impacted by my own poor judgement while in an inexperienced and naive state, BEFORE my prefrontal cortex was likely to be fully developed. I didn't come up with 25 as some arbitrary number. See the following from MIT researchers: http://hrweb.mit.edu/worklife/youngadult/brain.html "Prefrontal cortex: The most widely studied changes in young adulthood are in the prefrontal cortex, the area behind the forehead associated with planning, problem-solving, and related tasks." "According to recent findings, the human brain does not reach full maturity until at least the mid-20s. (See J. Giedd inReferences.) The specific changes that follow young adulthood are not yet well studied, but it is known that they involve increased myelination and continued adding and pruning of neurons. As a number of researchers have put it, "the rental car companies have it right." The brain isn't fully mature at 16, when we are allowed to drive, or at 18, when we are allowed to vote, or at 21, when we are allowed to drink, but closer to 25, when we are allowed to rent a car." So chill, Vort. I was half joking anyway.
  6. She says this while we're on here, but does she forget that her mod powers won't work on me in person?..... Message me all your skype ID's....
  7. We could Skype you in on one of our phones! The staff will love our group for sure!
  8. I saw the reverse - white and gold when I saw it out of the corner of my eye on Facebook, but since then all I can see is blue and black. An overexposed blue and black, but still... "At least we can all agree on one thing: The people who see the dress as white are utterly, completely wrong." Doesn't this quote sound like something we'd see posted on one of these threads. I won't go into exactly who I could picture saying it, but I'm sure you might be able to guess a few... :)
  9. I'm fine with Chinese. Would we have to split up into different tables though? Musical tables!
  10. The acknowledgement of one another's agency has brought wonderful things to my marriage. I'd also advise not getting married until your brain is fully developed (25ish at LEAST), but that's probably just my previous experience talking.
  11. Hear that? Bytor is gonna spring for plane tickets for all of us! You're the best!
  12. This would be a little more realistic of Pam in that dress...
  13. I resent the assumption that I look THAT much like a dude! I'd at LEAST shave for the occasion!
  14. It has been too long! Make sure you request a male waiter so you have someone to flirt with!