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  1. I'm not looking to debate with him. I told him very politely and upfront that I wasn't interested and that wasn't enough for him. I'm used to be questioned about things and feel prepared for most things, but I'm very new to JW and their material.
  2. Two Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door and gave me some literature. Talked briefly to me about the 2nd coming and wanted me to read something and said he would be back again in a few weeks with more literature. I told him that I being a devout Mormon, I wasn't interested. He said "Oh, Mormon, well next time I come through, I'll bring some literature that I think you might find interesting. Then we could talk." I sort of feel like I'm being challenged to a debate :) So my question is does anyone know what "literature" he might be bringing by and what it says?
  3. Hi Shannon. We are all doing well, thanks for asking. I hope you guys are doing well also. And for the record, you were not who I was referring to in my post about why I left. I didn't want you to think that's what I was implying.
  4. I left because of how negative and anti some folks were. I would love for it to be corrected. I hope I can return and be an active poster again.
  5. It was :) Tulips and Outback make for a great day!!
  6. Let me see if I have this correct. It sounds like people are making things way too complicated. Sounded like ExMoJason was just trying to say that regardless of who his kids are sealed to, they are stil biological his. And that's true. Then Starsky comes in and talks about kids being taken away, to which Curvette even said she didn't think that was how it goes. (Am I understanding this right so far?) Then it gets hairy. Starsky, what did you mean by this? Because I can tell you that Heavenly Father wants what is best for his children, but he does not always step in and fix things. We have way too many child abuse incidents for that to be true. So I'm just trying to understand what you meant, because to me it does sound like you are implying Jason's kids are condemned to hell because he's not a member. As for your original question posted by Shannon, no, I do not agree with her statements. At least the way I intrepret them.
  7. AFDaw


    If you put the newsletter out in the beginning of the month, include that month's birthdays. If it's at the end of the month, include next month's. Do you have someone in charge of visiting teaching? Maybe have that person do a "blurb" each month about the message and maybe their thoughts on it. Maybe have a "Presidency" message where the president or one of the counselors has a little message for the woman. I would try to pass off a lot of the work to other woman, and then just be in charge of setting it up, printing it out and distribution. Honestly, I dunno though. Those are just ideas. We don't have a newsletter so I'm not familiar with what goes on one.
  8. I was in labor both pregnancies and had no clue. The 2nd time my doc said he came into the room, saw the monitor and saw how strong my contractions were and how fast they were coming, but he saw me sitting on the table smiling and figured everything was ok. An hour later my daughter was born :)
  9. You mean because we aren't "Christian" enough for them? It does seem dumb to tell someone who obviously believes in Christ that they aren't Christian. Every organization has membership criteria though. I think the world would be such a nicer place if religions focused more on our common goals and the things that unite us than the differences in our beliefs. Right. The whole purpose was to recognize National Prayer Day, at least that's what they say, yet they want to limit who participates in National Prayer Day, under their name.
  10. I'm considering that what you are thinking is pretty much what they are thinking. Consider away Rod man. Hey Curvette, I have a problem with the reason WHY though.
  11. I can't believe that there are people that actually think like this. It's amazing to me really.
  12. When I was 16, my brother and I had a contract with my parents of what was and wasn't ok. It allowed us to make up some of our own rules, and it made us more accountable to them as well.
  13. Are these the people that do "Pray at the Pole Wednesdays" in public schools?