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  1. Basically correct howevere I would point out that we cannot obtain our potential as God's children by obedience to Mormon Practices and teachings. Adam, Noah and Moses weren't Mormon, but I'm pretty sure they will will recieve exaltation. Jesus wasn't Mormon either. I wouls also prefer the deletion of the part "inhabit a planet." But as for us becoming gods. It never says that we will become equal with God, or that we will take His place, r that we will rule over His children. God will always be our God no matter what level of progression we reach. Just like a father is still a father even if his son becomes a father. I interpret it to mean in the context of God's relationship to us. God will always be our God. We will have no other Gods than Him.
  2. I consider them to be equal. Although I consider the content of the Book of Mormon to be more pure(meaning not diluted by translations, interpretations, and time). Neither. The words of the current living prophet is binding.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums. It seems like a nice place. I'm from Idaho and I'm LDS.
  4. I agree that we need to change our currency system. And I would even go so far as to say that I think that giving power to the Federal Reserve over our monetary system was far worse than slavery. However I don't agree that our money should be based on gold. Yes gold has value, but it doesn't have value. If the world was in turmoil and there wasn't any money, people were fighting for their lives every day, gold would have little value. You can't eat it. It's not a very effective weapon. Things that would have real value would be food clothing, shelter, and weapons. Gold doesn't fulfill any of those requirments. Rather I would prefer money to be based on labor and other resources, not just gold.