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  1. Cmon dude that's enough this has already been proven wrong. Look back and you will see this is a false doctrine!(to those who are steadfast in the truth that is)
  2. Thanks Gigi - I'm going to make an effort to be a friend to others.... I had a lady from Relief Society Presidency drop by today for a visit - she's really really lovely :) We had a lovely chat for an hour or so and when she was leaving, she mentioned that she was trying to put something together to prepare these younger women in Relief Society for Motherhood etc... so I told her that if she ever wants any help with anything... I'm there lol I just thought, if I can get involved in something like that, then these young girls might just realise that I can actually be of help to them... if not now, then in the future. Who knows.. was just a thought.
  3. That's a great idea... I might give it a go... (in a few weeks hehe)
  4. Dove, I too have seen your posts and I love the compassion and friendship that you exude! It's such an inspiration - thank you. I appreciate your idea's above and I might just give it a go. I'm going to try and be more involved in things at church this time. Really step out of my comfort zone (argh!!!) - or at least TRY - so that people can see that, although I might be reasonably quiet (until you get to know me! HAHA), I'm a very friendly, open and honest person. so thank you for your suggestions above :) I really appreciate it! Thank you to everyone who has answered here also... that's why I love coming onto this forum - never have I felt so comfortable sharing/posting and discussing things as I do here.
  5. That is OK Webster, it's OK to ask questions. But it just got to the point where it was ones own doctrine opposed to the doctrine written plainly in the scriptures, and common sense too.
  6. HAHA! That IS a good one... but... me being me.. I'll just ignore it and [try my best to] overlook it.
  7. You know... being reasonably new to the church, I find it hard to make scripture relative to each situation personally.... but it's times like this I realise that it's possible. Thank you for pointing those out to me...
  8. I urge you to read a book called 'None Dare Call It A Conspiracy' by Gary Allen. That will shed new light on your socialism branding!
  9. 1. Jesus was a GOD because he had a God as his literal Father, and was human because of his earthly Mother. 2. Adam and Eve would have been GODS had they have been begotten by immortal parents. They were not Gods! 3. It says Adam was formed from the elements of THIS earth. If he had have been formed from Heavenly Mother he would have been formed from other worlds or means. But it says formed of THIS earth. When the Lord created this world he saw a place to do so, and brought together the materials and elements that were unorganized. Adam was also formed of these. Cmon guys I am wondering if a)you are not LDS, b) this is a joke to pull ones strings, or c) you guys are trusting in mans doctrine and need to seriously talk to your Stake President ha ha!!!!
  10. Thank you... I appreciate that! Gosh 10 years is a long time... but... I can see why stick round here... I myself enjoy it. Sometimes, because I'm the only one in my family to join the church (much to their distress), it gets a little lonely (as in female company/friends who understand me), so it's always nice to meet lovely people such as yourself :) So thank you for your friendship :)
  11. Thank you... that is exactly right. Who knows... maybe I might 'lead by example'
  12. Thanks Ben, yeah I thought the same at first. But then, my husband is of the opinion that we need to not focus on anyone else this time and ignore those sort of things that cause contention. He wants us to worry about ourselves and continue to do right by others - and just not get into conflict that isn't needed. Know what I mean? I guess the best thing I can do is ignore it... but damn I'm such a sensitive person and that makes it harder... I just want everyone to like me! I don't have any friends in the church - we seem to have moved wards quite often... so was hoping to make some this time round as this is where we are settling.
  13. Hi guys, firstly, love this place - I love coming in here and helping people out on the advice board, and love the gospel discussion threads... all interesting and the people here (you guys!) are awesome :) I wish to ask your advice on a matter. This is going to sound soooo menial compared to other people's problems here... so I apologise in advance! Yesterday at Church, in Relief Society I felt condescended (put down) by a couple of the young women there (bout 18-20yr olds). But I let it go and wasn't going to hold a grudge - after all they are just young and sometimes you don't realise things at that age. Anyways, last night I was talking to my husband and mentioned this and how I felt about it. You see, normally in any class I'm not one to speak up - you'll usually find me sitting there quietly listening intently to all that's going on but always keep my opinions and thoughts to myself... call it shy, I don't know... but maybe it's more just a lack of confidence. So when I mentioned this to my husband he said not to worry about it but next time speak up and say what i mean - just don't do it in a condescending way (which I wouldn't anyway). But he also said to me, he noticed that same group of girls looking at me when we got out of the car and talking and sniggering with each other - so much so that it was obvious that they were talking/laughing about me! I was so hurt upon hearing this, this is a new ward we have just moved into and hearing that I have young women sniggering at me makes me most upset. I know I know I shouldn't worry, just forget about it and go about worrying about my own salvation. But gosh, I just don't think he understand (or any guy for that matter), so I'm asking you ladies out there... it has made me MORE self-conscious than I already am... I don't even want to go to this new ward anymore.... I really really wanted to fellowship in our new ward and make some good friends. But why would they mock me?? I don't get it!! They are very well dressed young women - obviously coming from families that have good money, have grown up in the church etc. I think (or rather thought!) I dressed lovely, or at least as best I can with the money we have, I haven't grown up in the church (1st generation convert), and now feel inadequate! I know... sorry to have gone on... this just really upsets me. I know that the church is perfect, but the people aren't. But I thought we all treated each other nicely at least!
  14. Maybe cos it has such a massive influence on them perhaps - on their subconscious I mean. Then when they can't/don't want to adhere to the standards, they get out... and try to "reason" their way out of it.... I don't know... just a thought .... :)
  15. But it does not say Adam was begotten in the flesh of the Father. We all know ONLY Christ was. I stand by that! You have made it too technical for people to understand and it isn't even considered truth, and I will probably move onto a more edifying thread. I have enjoyed it. Bye everyone. Peace!
  16. Thats because georgia said it for me. The scriptures you quoted don't prove Adam was a begotten son in the flesh. Look at last posts for answers. Peace!
  17. I wasn't going to comment on this cos I agree and I feel georgia has said it. We are all sons (and daughters) of God as was Adam. Like Adam we are literal sons of god, but Christ is the only one born of Heavenly Father physically, not Adam, not any of us but the King only. In the gospel sense we are sons Of Christ and that could be said as a similtude of the Father saying Adam is the son of God.
  18. Well it has been revealed that Adam was literally formed from the dust and Eve from his rib, it would be more likely that anything above and beyond that could cause err and make someone end up becoming apostate !
  19. But that just says everything was created spiritually first, nothing else!
  20. All of this will go nowhere. If it is not revealed we should not talk or argue. Heavenly Father doesn't talk about Mother, what gives us the right to mention her in such a way that others can take the sacredness that don't understand. I will be saved on the revealed truths already if I am faithful, anything else revealed about these things will come, and be a bonus from the correct line of authority.
  21. You did, not me. Would you like a banana?
  22. Where does it say Adam was offspring? Show me!
  23. Show me. Prove it! Seal it with a scripture!