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  1. I love your sarcasm is right?.....surely!
  2. In a perfect world, but no, can't see that happening sorry!
  3. OK if you are asking if USA is socialist, the answer is NO, not yet!
  4. You just have to look at history to see the reason why. Abraham Lincoln or John F Kennedy. They were both about to blow the banking elite out of the water, yet Obama is paying these people off, maybe he is promised greater power if he ruins the country. Or on the other end of the spectrum you have Stalin, Hitler or Mussolini. Makes sense to me. You think in this day and age nice people like Obama Hussein care about you. I beg to differ and he has proved that more than once. Power is the operative word. It is always what Lucifer promises to those who want control of the world.
  5. t They have much to gain by ruining the country. It is called POWER. These people have all the money they need and more, but they want power and that is what it is about. Obama is not the one you should be looking at as the buck does not stop with him and thats where everyone is going wrong. How do you think Lucifer will arise the Beast, not Obama, it is through the most powerful men and women in POWER.
  6. Seems like a guise to me....and I know you think I am crazy for saying this, but with OPEC going bankrupt, Russia predicted to be an iron curtain again soon, and in 6-12 months the collapse of the US dollar and many other things, I think it won't matter because you will be going down to the grocery store with a wheelbarrow of paper money just to buy a loaf of bread when all this happens. Make sure your store cupboards full is all I can say.
  7. Oh darn, maybe I am WRONG! There hasn't been a disaster since last week!!
  8. Firstly, I disagree, yes we all know there have been disasters since the dawn of time. But the US has gone beyond ridiculous. It is sure fire! Secondly, it is only debatable to you, and it is very evident to me.
  9. Huh????? Maybe this is why I never watched Bill Cosby?
  10. I think people believe too much that the buck stops at the government, that is half the problem here I think!
  11. It was in the Book Of Mormon that the Lord said America was a land where it's occupants were to worship him and if they did this they would be free and prosperous. However, that isn't happening and the curses have been prominent now that wickedness and ungodliness abounds. Why are there so many natural disasters and freedom is getting squashed and a closed society is becoming more apparent and America is not prospering?
  12. This is a speech from the last true American President. President J F Kennedy No wonder the man didn't have a chance!!
  13. Now everything you pasted into there was exactly what I needed to know. Thank you for that!
  14. Seems to be where we are at right now. We don't have big arguments about it, but the contention is there... So I think it's about time we did what you did, and sit down and discuss what we should do with our Sunday's. At the moment, asides from going to Church, I don't feel I get as much as I should out of the Sabbath. Thank you for your input, it's helped a lot! I guess it's all about establishing our own traditions in our family where we both feel in tune.
  15. I know it's so funny, yet who controls politics in this world?? I have a feeling it isn't the Lord(yet). So we all may be guilty of following the devil in an ironic way really anyway supporting politics LOL.
  16. You got it, but unfortunately they are good at pulling the wool over peoples eyes!
  17. It is highly likely about the future event that when Christ returns he will take the government into his power and control and create a righteous leadership, opposed to the counterfeit world government Lucifer is trying to establish as we speak.
  18. I agree, unfortunately it will crumble first, and won't be taken over until after the Savior comes. But it will be a good day!
  19. Some awesome answers.. thank you for your input. I guess the main thing is that we don't want to be so strict that the kids end up rebelling when they are older. So it's great to get some points of view and input from those that have either been bought up in the Church or those that have older kids.
  20. You DO realise who this guy is though and what he stands for don't you?!
  21. Basically we have 2 children (3 & 4) who enjoy watching their 'Barbie' movies. One of us think that it's ok, as it is good morals and not bad to watch - even on the Sabbath. The other of us thinks no tv at all - unless it is a Church video or something like that. Guess I'm just wanting to know how do others entertain young ones on the Sabbath without resorting to the dreaded tv?
  22. Thanks so much...will check them out! :)
  23. Would love to see that.. .if you find it! :)
  24. Hey just wondering what the teachings are for the Sabbath Day regarding watching television... can anyone point me to any of our Prophet's talks/writings regarding this?? Thank you! Kiwi