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  1. I think he means that anything in life we accept then becomes the norm. Cause and effect right?
  2. Yes sorry about that Elphaba you are right in all instances :)
  3. Yes..but I was quoting what he said and he is American :)
  4. Are you kidding this guy was part of the reason thousands of women and children died in Yugoslavia. Also he supported the Afghanistan war but on his deathbed he pleaded for someone to get our country out of this war. He was a globalist who was responsibly engaged in much corruption. Peace was just a disguise! Sorry to be so blunt!!!
  5. LOL..Everybody has an opinion and thinks they are right. At the end of the day who cares what motive groups have to teach people not to believe in God and eliminate him from society. As this is the effect it has on a lot of the public. The organization is a coalition of 15 local groups that works to raise awareness of atheists in the Metroplex. There are anti-religious groups that fund a lot of money to these causes as far up as the CIA and FBI. Those who are ripe for the picking may have their mind opened up and stimulated, while those who agree with atheism can have their testimony affirmed that there MAY not be a God. Let them. They better feel they are doing the right thing but it shouldn't be any skin off our backs. I am not offended by it or them, except I feel compassionate as I know one day they will look upon their horrible folly.
  6. What does that have to do with anything??? I think I'm missing something!!!!
  7. Ahhh....big business already has more power.....and the federal government are the biggest most established criminals ever! And that goes for any country!
  8. Oils a lubricant right???? I mean what does the earth need oil for? What is the repercussion of all this to earth? Does the earth need this element to work properly and are we draining a key part to the planet functioning properly?
  9. Actually it does seem a bit difficult to guess....and what you say seems difficult to believe......sounds rigged by all involved to me. That's what seems not too difficult to guess in my eyes! Oh and I apologize for the misspelling of your name that was truly a mistake....
  10. Huh??? I don't think it has anything to do with you Just a Gay, or Americans but have a look for yourself, why'd they do that?
  11. I see 4 days before the event Goldman $ Sachs dumped a record number of shares in BP....woah that was lucky......why only BP though...Hmmmmmm!!!!
  12. I don't think Satan cares about lefty's and righty's, or conservatives or whatever they are.......he's using just about everybody in government to wreck peoples freedom and well being! All this sounds like a text book analogy from high school or law if you ask me!
  13. BBC News - President Obama attacks critics of bank reform bill
  14. Nice, but also dumbfounding - how the Lord can create such beauty!!!
  15. I heard there were plans to make a sequel, and that Jack was actually alive. So glad they didn't do that, what a way to ruin the longest drawn out movie ever made (just in my insignificant opinion). I have to admit I did watch Titanic a second time...although I started it at 2hours into the movie. BUT the movie was cleverly done and I say hats off to the creator!
  16. McDonalds vs Burger King....mmm given to us to appear like we have choice yet owned by the same corporate entity! And in the end they both make us fat, unhealthy and poor......Catch my drift!
  17. 'Yes We Can' WHAT? I hope that is the moral of the story in this play!
  18. Who owns that sheep? Does it's face look like them? But in reading that first caption, Sheep - Lamb - Turkey, sounds like a mouth-watering Christmas lunch to me!
  19. Oh dear I must be the only one in the world...but let's put it nicely and say I probably won't ever watch Avatar again!
  20. Oh no, I hope Gore won't try to make some money out of this and impose another tax on the world !!!!
  21. They are both wings on the same bird! who needs to analyze.....
  22. I remember studying the old testament in a class once and and we were taught that the bankrupt nations will gather for armageddon. I think it may have been Daniel or Jeremiah we were studying. But all the same I believe nations will become bankrupt so that doesn't surprise me that 2010 will be bleak! Somewhere along the line it's going to happen.
  23. Well I am sure the scriptures would refute what you say my friend. At some stage even the great land of America will be overcome. The House of Israel is not following their king and must needs be taken captive in some way or another. I think Wars are organized, not just a whim. Who is really the enemy when both sides are backed by the same financier? It makes me wonder how that dude in that cave caused all the airforce and authorities to be away, busy not able to stop him from attacking in September 2001? That proves it can be done!
  24. Actually there are very rich men who are tax exempt since the great depression. They were exempt from the government like the Rockefellers and other wealthy men. They did it through their companies, look it up it's right there! For evil reasons as well!