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  1. I'll just say that one reason I'm not LDS or Catholic is that I think women should be ordained as clergy just as men can be. I understand it's tradition in the LDS and Catholic churches and while they're free to discriminate based on gender, I have the freedom to chose to worship somewhere else if I want.
  2. Fun video that was on my Facebook feed. How Many Peeps and Cadbury Easter Eggs Can a 50 Cal Rifle Shoot Through?
  3. I had this as my Facebook profile photo.
  4. One thing I especially love is if you have a Trader Joe's, they make a coconut body butter that I've used all winter, as when I apply it after my shower, it absorbs into the skin. I also like regular coconut oil, as not only do I use it in cooking, but as a moisturizer and as a conditioning treatment in my hair once a week. One thing I have found that is great for extremely dry skin that cracks, especially on the fingers, is Blistex Lip Meddex in the small blue jar. It's mostly what I use in the winter on my hands, but when I do use hand cream, I prefer the stuff from Eucerin.
  5. One thing to consider is that it's possible that when polygamy was practiced, some of the wives might have had relationships with each other.
  6. I personally think government should get out of the marriage business completely, and only do civil unions, with churches being the ones to do marriages. That way, churches can freely discriminate against homosexuals, and everyone can have the same legal protections that a civil union offers. After all, there are atheists who have had civil ceremonies and who have been together for longer than some who claim to be Christian.
  7. I might be in the minority here, but I think you should at least wait until you're older before getting married since I personally think marrying before one's mid 20's is too young. At the very least, I think it's best to wait until you're 18 and legally an adult. The unfortunate thing is that the divorce rate for people who marry in their late teens is higher than for those who wait until their 20's to get married. I know there are exceptions to the rule as there are people who married right after high school who are still together into their 80's, but there's no guarantee that you'll be an exception. You'll still have less than a year before turning 18, so there's still time to get to know him better before making that commitment.
  8. Women can be abusive to their husbands or boyfriends, it's not just a male thing. It might be good to get marital counseling, or just go by yourself if she refuses, as you can see a counselor through the LDS church. If for some reason the bishop won't refer you, go to his superior. It's like anything else, sometimes you have to go up the chain of command.
  9. Maybe it's because I'm not LDS, but I don't see what's wrong with women being able to pray in church, as plenty of churches that have male only clergy do allow women to at least give prayers.
  10. I'm not LDS or Catholic, but given that there are over 1 billion Catholics in the world, it's a very big deal whenever a Pope is selected. Now, I was actually hoping for my own amusement that the smoke would start when that seagull was sitting on the chimney earlier.
  11. I know leaving an abusive marriage is extremely hard, and that often, people do go back because it really is difficult. One thing leaving will do is teach your daughters that they should never tolerate abuse, and it will lessen their chances of ending up with an abusive spouse. Keep making your plan, and know that prayers are being sent your way.
  12. This. A professional photographer is able to have self-control when taking pictures of semi-nude or even nude people. Photography is like any other profession where someone might work with people of the opposite gender, they treat clients professionally and avoid anything that could be considered sexual harassment, so they don't flirt in order to get clients. The OP's husband doesn't sound like a professional, and it's an issue because not only has he lied about his hobby, he doesn't stop taking pictures that make his wife uncomfortable, and he flirts to get clients. If he was taking pictures of women in swimsuits at the beach and it made his wife uncomfortable, he really should stop, just as he should have stopped taking boudoir photos when the OP asked him to stop.
  13. There are plenty of other Christian churches that don't observe Lent, and there are others that use grape juice instead of wine. To many non-LDS Christians, Sabbath observance is only done at church, leaving the rest of the day to spend with family.
  14. I use coconut oil in cooking and for things like dry skin and as a deep conditioner for my hair. One place I get it is at Trader Joe's as they have some that's not too expensive, and it's frequently on sale. In fact, the thing that made me buy it in the first place was that they had it displayed on one of the end caps, and now, they even have it by one of the checkouts. Right now, my jar is in the kitchen, but I'm getting a second jar for the bathroom for the skincare and hair conditioning benefits.
  15. The other thing that was shown was that homosexuality was against the law at the time, which is why threats of reporting the incident to the police were taken seriously. Even if people might have been sympathetic to Thomas as Bates was, it didn't mean they accepted his homosexual tendencies, they probably felt he could learn to control his urges better, as he had done in the past.