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  1. I would love to know where this Act really came from!!!!
  2. Great posts guys and it is really obvious to me who actually reads and listens and come to their own opinion on truth and reason, and I can see those who really have no clue. Interesting to say the least. Ron Paul to me is a well informed man on the American constitution and what it means to be equal and free. If only those of you that knew you would have voted him President years ago and we wouldn't have had this financial mess we have now. He rallied against this over 10 years ago and said exactly what would happen. Do you know what? To the jot and tittle it has happened. You tell me if he is a nut! I am enjoying this thread and all of you are awesome!
  3. I rebuke you!! What you explained is what the President is doing, not Rep Paul, totally the opposite.
  5. This is just another opinion! It truly is sad what the education system is feeding the students these days.
  6. I don't care if it is official doctrine of the church or not, my point is, you have a view on a certain subject right? Would that change if all of a sudden you became the Prophet? How could it, unless you had inner conflicts, or split personalities, or chronic schizophrenia. The Prophet is not Obama Hussein, or any other politician, say one thing but do the opposite. His views as a Prophet were the same as his personal views. What he said may not have been what your views are or what you deem as scripture, however much it was scripture or not. Besides not everybody agrees the same with anything in the standard works either.
  7. If you were a Prophet of God, would you have one view as the Prophet, and another view personally on the same subject?????? Think about it, c'mon. Nephi and Joseph Smith must have been crack pots too speaking of conspiracies and secret combinations and communism/socialism!
  8. This left and right thing is just so dumb! I think we are lead to believe there is a left and a right, but to me it is the two wings on the same bird....bbbaaaaahhhhhhh say the sheep!
  9. And Tami-flu has been selling something chronic too! Who is the one making millions and millions out of this scare, probably the same one who is spreading the scare, or the pig flu!
  10. I think the only reason they are kept apart is because governments wouldn't work with the Church and how it is established. Our governments are corrupt and so therefor the Prophet or more so the Lord wouldn't allow it to be run together. This is the only reason to me. The Church needs to be protected from the evil designs of the world leaders and not be infiltrated unto destruction. This is proven when Christ will establish the Millenium, and he will be in charge of a world government. The Church and government will be righteous, however the Church can't get involved in government as such at the moment because it would cause lynch mobs on us again. You would have perfect economics, governance, laws, politics and equality, which couldn't exist if the Church got involved with politics at this time.
  11. I still can't decide if this is sarcasm or what???
  12. Speculation. Who cares if it was ten years ago, Prophets words last forever. He was the Prophet of the world not just America! President Benson was highly educated and I am positive he was more aware of history than any of us!
  13. So then whats the problem? It obviously hasn't happened yet!
  14. Well that is why social security came in. After WW2 the government needed to collateralize it's people.
  15. This is a means to an end...and an end it our freedom!
  16. It seems to me that everybody here knows more about Socialism than the Prophet did. I tend to doubt that. This seems like the text book answer and OK fair enough. What Benson said then applies more today because I believe as THE PROPHET OF GOD he forewarned us of this happening....right? So when you meet him when we are looking at him in the judgement seat, then you can tell him that he had it a bit wrong.....not me!!! LOL
  17. You need to read the BOM then! You have to remember Christ is at the head of this church, he calls the Prophet and the Prophet speaks on behalf. To remove that fact would make it confusion. Benson didn't have a split personality, he spoke of truths, truths that you and I don't know the half of, and let me tell you that I bet the Prophet of today is more aware of our government than you or I are! Socialism isn't the issue, it is the men behind it and what they want. Does Satan want to look after you? Is he in control of the government? Or is Christ? The answer is quite simple. Benson knew very well what he was talking about.....or he would have been removed from his position in an instant!
  18. However not only Benson, but others have said the same things.......and in general conference, therefor it would be doctrine.....just as Nephi, Daniel, Ezekiel and John spoke of similar things that would happen in our day. I don't think these guys words are any less applicable today, or need to be taken into consideration. So I believe Bensons words still stand!
  19. I believe 'socialism' and 'communism' are the very same thing
  20. I am just happy to know the BOM has been translated and that Joseph was a true Prophet of god. It doesn't matter to me how it was done!
  21. Socialism to me is satans counterfeit version of the law of consecration. Socialism can also be a PC word for communism. The redistribution of wealth by the richest of the richest can only lead to their control, power and greed on a world wide scale of us the people. They are not righteous enough to stand in control. The only concern I have is that governments are a puppet in bringing this about. I guess prophecy has to come true somehow though or how else could the beast rise on such a grand scale! But the church will proceed and be safe that is all we need to know. No wonder the GA's don't talk about it (governments, socialism, conspiracy) it would just cause trouble where trouble could be deterred.
  22. Lets hope it really was suicide!