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  1. Nope No Chipping! If children were meant to come with their own set of embedded chips, they'd also come with owners manuals and remote controls.
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    Dried Milk

    Don't know how long it can be kept, just know we keep ours in the deep freeze. We use it when we need it, mostly for cooking cause the kids can't get past the taste straight up, so we have to hide it while cooking or baking something with it.
  3. Where do I live? I'll try to be cheerful and skip over all the unpleasantries. Being an Army Brat, I've never really known Home Sweet Home. I've hunted for it all my life and suppose I will only know it in the next life, at least I hope so... Hmmm... Southern Mississippi approximately 30 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico give or take a few miles here or there depending upon the road you travel and about 30 miles give or take a few west of Mobile. Out in the woods, if you know what a tree looks like just imagine a whole herd of them all jumbled together nicely in their own ways, four acre yard. Fruit & Fruit Trees growing here in a small orchard: Blueberries Grapes Muskidine Apple Peach Pear The front drive or road leading to the house has just recently been paved, it was one of the last two dirt roads left in the county up until just recently. It is lined with rose/pink crepe myrtle trees. There are also mimosa, dogwood, azalea, oaks (3 different kinds I think), pines, cedars, weeping willows, Japanese magnolias, both pink and purple. Southern Magnolias I suppose through the woods we live several miles from Belengrath Gardens. Let's see, there are many creeks and rivers running through the area in various locations. The weather the last few days have been breezy and over cast, however the heat will come and it gets sweltering down here. The road we live on is named after my grandfather, but if they had asked him what he would like to have the road named, he would have called this place something like "Breezy Hills Estates". While sitting outside here, it gets so quite that you can hear the crickets and whippoorwill's at night and the the mocking birds and woodpeckers during the day as well as a blue jay scolding something. You can watch the dragonflies zoom through along with the hummingbirds as well as watch some pretty hefty squirrels run up and down the trees and such chattering away at one another as they play tag round and round the trees.
  4. *nods* Yes, sometimes it would be nice to be a masculine brute and just punch someone's lights out when they deserve it and get it over with, rather than having to fret over it all girly style.
  5. *spins round & round singing* It's Snowing! It's Snowing! It's Snowing! How cool it must be that it is snowing somewhere! Down here it's a bit overcast, and a cool 75 degrees since sundowning.
  6. Who me? Nah... Is there a paying job for doing that? Got a link you can share? I have tried playing chess and checkers with myself, but it's hard to out wit oneself...
  7. What?I thought you opened the door with this thread...
  8. If I take the time and energy to research to create a new character, I will only do so for pay! And then, I might even create more than one! The more the merrier... Otherwise, it isn't worth the time and effort...
  9. I'm not one to enjoy being harsh, I avoid it at all costs if possible, cause I don't like the feeling of hurting others. It takes a great deal to back me in the the harshness corner. {...and I do come out of that harshness corner quicker for others than I do for myself} However, I do agree with a lot of the things that Elphaba points out, maybe it's the professional writer in me that does, since I get paid to express and pay attention to what I'm relaying to others. I know how much goes into pouring out your heart in personal posts and I know how much mind work and wordsmithing goes into a proper piece of writing, no matter the subject. To be honest, when I read Snow's post (thank you Snow) and went to look for myself, it did literally make me ill to my stomach, but only for a second or two. Not sure, why I had that reaction, maybe because I've only heard of people doing such and never actually came across one before and knew what I was looking at. Maybe because, I was sending heart vibrations to someone and felt duped at that moment, but everyone makes mistakes and none of us are perfect except in the way which Heavenly Father created us to be. However, I am one of those forgive and forget kinda people. Thank you (((bodhigirlsmiles))), for your apology. Like I said in the personal message to you, It'll be alright, we still love you.
  10. My dad was great with numbers, you could call him a mathematician of sorts, he was also great in card games since he could count them and remembered what had been played and generally figured out what everyone had in their hands, just by his figures. He told me the secret to math one day, and I will tell it to you. "Math is a game, learn the rules and then play by the rules and you will find the answer." So, think of math as a game and you should come to the answers more easily, as long as you know the rules. I figured out the secret to English on my own. English is not like math. In English, they teach you a rule in one chapter and then expect you to forget it in the next.
  11. Hmmm... I'm 5'8 & 3/4" tall. I'm totally full of it and not sure what it is, until checking with my family tree, then it all makes sense, I suppose. I came from another planet, must have. I'm a Pisces/Capricorn/Virgo I have denim blue eyes with a touch of rainbow sparkle. I have a rubber butt, and every time I turn around I go putt putt. And truth gets me into more trouble than lying ever did for others. Other than that, you'll have to trust that I am who I am and wait like everyone else for the book or movie of the week.
  12. Yep, that's right! Walk right up, smile that smile with the bright shiny welcoming eyes, stick out your right hand and say, "Hi! I'm Sister SonSo! Nice to meet you." Mosey right up there in the middle of them and make a dazzling and refreshing presentation. You'll be sweeping them off their feet, before they know what hit them! Don't be shy, get out there and mingle, make yourself known. Let them learn to love you, they will you know, if you just go right on ahead and make the decision that your gonna be the breath of fresh air they been needing for a long time! As Pres. Spencer W. Kimball would say, Just "Do It!"
  13. That is funny too! I guess misconceptions about all things can be sort of like a gossip circle game that children play in English class.
  14. Wow Byte, I'm impressed. This is more the time frame than the others. And something I had no knowledge of, I thought the Icarians were Mexican Indians, when I first read the name. Thanks! Moksha*raises eyebrow*Wow, Moksha I knew you were funny, but I didn't know you talk to yourself online. Ha ha, that is funny!
  15. I wish there was a laugh button... Ok, Darvin, #1 is the answer. Hordak, Emanual Swedenborg is a good answer I think, but not sure, makes sense to me, if that is what she has heard. Loudmouth_Mormon & Maxel, both of your replies makes sense to me as well. havejoy, I was trying to tell her a condensed story of your example, when she went off about polygamy. I'm not sure where she got that idea and she knows me well enough to know that the fist banging would be intimidating, but the comment really did throw me. I've had Baptist preachers and Catholic priests backed-up (in their own houses of worship, I didn't start it, they did) with being able to sensibly counter their words with things I know to be true, even leave them standing with their mouth open and not being able to come up with a comment, because I knew what they meant by what they were saying or I could relate it to something I've learned while studying the scriptures and Institute class, but this comment from her just threw me a wild curve and since I've never heard such, though I know it isn't true, I just didn't know what else to say to her except I'd ask about it. I figure if I can find some type of basis for the comment, maybe I would know what to say to her to move on to her next excuse... Thanks ya'll!
  16. My first thought was lavender, but I wanted to check to make sure... So, here are some links that offer other ideas as well, such as cedar, mint, cloves and so on. 1 2 3 Actually, we should all have some lavender oil on hand as it is one of the best remedies for burns and works very quickly to heal. That is how it was discovered as a burn balm, since a chemist burnt himself with chemicals and had a vessel of lavender oil in the room with him, he stuck his hand into the lavender oil after being chemically burned, which should have taken a long time to heal and scarring. But when he put his hands in the lavender oil they healed rather quickly without the long process of pain or any scars. (that is my gingerized condensation of the story, you can search for it online) Lavender oil is also said to cure old scars, which includes alot of things, even stretch marks from pregnancy. Woot! When you are searching for herbs for getting rid of any type of pest you may type something along these lines into your search engine text box. Herbs + rid mice Herbs + rid ants Herbs + rid moths If you are in search of herbs for healing purposes, type something like this into your search engine text box. Herbs + healing properties Herbs + healing colds Herbs + healing sore throat Herbs + healing PMS Herbs + curing baldness ...and so on... Right now, nearly every thing we have is in storage, including the HerbMaster CD, which has a lot of old tyme herbal remedies for just about any condition you can consider. I had it installed on my old desk top, but not on this new laptop. As soon as I find the CD I will install it on this computer, because it is very helpful. I'm not sure if they still sell this CD, but you can do an online search for it and may be able to find it at some type of discontinued price list (not sure, but it is worth the money that is paid for it.) The other day, I got so aggravated with the mice, especially after watching a rat the size of my foot go dancing across the kitchen floor as few times, I went for the chili seasoning and poured some in that in the cabinet it was visiting, so far, I haven't seen it back again, but those things don't give up so easy so we'll see. I wish I could have a cat inside or even outside. Everything is now, either in glass or plastic containers and taking up room in the extra frig, just to keep them out of the food. BTW, the pheromone traps may just be calling them inside your house. Kinda like when you put out mouse bait, it only feeds them and more come since they can smell it in the house.
  17. Hi, yesterday evening I was talking with a friend and something she said made me feel to go get an extra copy of the Book of Morman to give to her. She was talking about the things she had learned in the past 30 years or so, and mentioned me as one of the names of the persons that she contributes to have taught her something over the years, something that helped her realize things and grow as a person. I brought the book out to her and told her if she really wanted to learn something that was enlightening, that she should read this book. We talked back and forth for a bit, I tried to explain to her how some of those people who were getting away from the tower of Babel had come here to America, that it was full of history, some she may not even realize right now. She told me she was strictly a [insert strict old tyme religion here, but one which sits, rather than runs around babbling and starts with an M rather than a B] and that she didn't need anything more than the bible. I told her the it wasn't a replacement, it was another testament of Christ. She brought up pologymy, which I addressed as well (thank goodness for the thread here and the replies from many of you). I was trying to explain to her that this book came from golden plates that were found buried in a hillside, shown to the man who found them by an angel and that he had like a 3 grade education from the 1800's. As I explained all her excuses, she pulled a new one on me. She began beating her fist on the counter and says to me. "You have been trying to get me to read this book for at least 25 years. The Mormans came from Europe!" I looked at her strangely, wondering where in the world she came up with that one, since I have never heard anyone else ever say something like that and well, I know it's not true. I asked her, "Do you mean that Joseph Smith's ancestors came from Europe?" She says, "No, the Mormans, the Morman religion came from somewhere in Europe crossing the ocean and into the United States!" To this, I said, "Hmmmm, well I will have to ask about this one." So, here I am... Anyone know what in the world she is talking about, or where she may have come up with such a thought or idea? Thanks!
  18. I can feel your excitement, I do hope your garden turns out lovely and plentiful! I've been thinking herbs lately, although it will only be a few of this and that, not necessarily a garden/garden, more like porch plants. Or around the porch plants.
  19. I agree with your mother wholeheartedly! He can hear you! (if you listen well, you may be able to hear him if he answers you) Just a story of my sister in law. She 21 years old one of the best swimmers around here. She hit a deer coming home one night, close to a bridge. The impact of the deer on her small Toyota pitched her into the on coming lane and into the bridge railing and then into the shallow creek below. She had hit her head very hard on the steering wheel, she was confused. Rather than opening the window the rest of the way or trying to get the door open, she turned the ignition key, the key and ring of metal were twisted severely. She drown in water that she could have stood up in, no more than about chest high to her. This was on her oldest 6th birthday. The whole family was terribly distraught. I was the one who had to clean up her house and go through her things, because her mother and sister could not do it, nor was my brother able to do this. I felt very strange having to do this for her, but I did it. I felt of course, sadness since I loved her too and she was gone so very young. But I also felt her around me and I felt love. After finishing, I was outside by myself, in the woods, which we live in the woods. I was crying, since what I'd had to do was something very heart touching. And when I got through crying, I said out loud, like I always do when I'm talking to those I love who have passed on. "I love you Barbara" And as I got that out of my mouth, out in the middle of the woods, I heard her voice say to me. "I love you too" And it made me feel so much better...
  20. Oh, I most definitely agree with that! But since we are speaking of her father, I do think for her, he'd be one to allow. Yes, Pam it is part of the grieving process, but I do think that as time goes by, a lot of people forget that their loved ones are so close. (of course, I also think those that have passed on do have things they need to attend to as well.) I don't think there is anything wrong with continuing conversations with your dad is wrong. I tell my father and brother even some of my other relatives as well, such as my grandparents, I miss them and love them all the time. Most people might think this strange, but I think it's natural. Just because we may not be able to see them any more does not mean that they don't come to visit or think of us ever again. I believe they do. For instance, while closing my eyes and telling my father I love him and I miss him, I can feel his love for me as well. Same for my brother, same for my grandparents. I do believe if someone else does the same thing they will feel it as well. And I do not go about calling strangers into my field, but there are some who have shown up of their own accord, but these generally have some type of soul soothing message to offer. The are generally an "it'll be alright" kind of message. (of course, all of this is based on my personal experiences and not much more I suppose unless you study the subject.)
  21. I have some questions as well... These people in the OP, how old are they? Do they have children or grandchildren? Will they check to make sure that the woman is not pregnant before putting her to death? I only ask because I am curious and well if there are children and grandchildren, then being perfectly healthy, she's leaving them behind, which I don't think is such a great idea. If she's pregnant, how can they put her to death without considering that they are taking another totally innocent life? Of course, we may not have the answers to these questions, but they are certainly something to consider. BTW, I'm a sinner too.
  22. I think she has the right to do as she pleases. I do think she will be sorrowful when she finds herself on the other side and learns that she really had more to do while being alive and that if she does do it, she will be wishing that she hadn't done so. BTW, I did think the cartoon booth was funny, but I have a strange and wacky sense of humor. I laugh when I feel like laughing, but I hardly think it's something to argue over... Do I have the right to laugh about a silly cartoon booth, why yes I certainly do! And I am most definitely not arguing that point.
  23. Personally, I do think there is some type of veil, but it is more of a veil that involves physical sight. Not everyone can see those who have passed on. Or maybe they can't see spirits until that particular spirit has a mission or desire to contact the living for some reason or another. If you are asking will your dad not know you or forget you, then my answer is no, he will not forget you and he will always know who you are. You are his child, he loves you still and he knows you. I guess since I've always been able to see, hear, talk to and smell some spirits for whatever reason, it comes natural. Actually, the last two vehicles I have purchased, I asked my brother on the other side to help me and I do believe he did. The reason for this is that he was an excellent mechanic, I know I can/could always count on him to steer me right. I had no one else to ask to help me, you know to check all those things guys know to check when searching for a good working vehicle. I asked his help to watch out for me and help me find just the right one and I believe with all my heart he has done so (actually I know with all my heart and mind he did help me), although he's been gone for too many years now. Therefore, what I am saying is that we can still talk with them. Whether we can see them or not. They know us, they love us and they do watch out for us when we need them too.
  24. prospectmom, I don't know that I can add anything more than what has been said here. I do hope and pray that your boy will be fine and come home soon and that your mind will find ease and your heart peace while he is gone and until he returns. Blessings to You & Yours