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  1. Sorry to bug you, but login's not working again.
  2. Classylady mentioned that her husband was trying to get his sealing to a now-excommunicated ex-wife cancelled, which is what I was responding to on that topic.
  3. Silly addictive game won't log me in. I've tried rebooting my computer, no joy. Tried the password recovery, have yet to get the e-mail. ETA: it's fixed. Many thanks. :)
  4. Pam was right about what I meant, but I think you had a point about leaving that for those who don't know the abbreviation .
  5. I wish 3.0 were available for Android devices.
  6. Doesn't excommunication cancel the marriage sealing and other Temple blessings anyway? Answering the OP: you're right that dating prior to the divorce being final is well out of moral bounds, and I also agree with other posters that he's rather immaturely seeking to hurt you. You have no reason to feel badly about your own behavior, so far as I can tell, and anyone who knows the real story (who even has any business having opinions) will easily be able to tell who's the moral adult in the situation. Your kids, regardless of age, do need one parent who's behaving in a Christian manner, so keep up the good work. :)
  7. I have no problem with this at all, having personally experienced it.
  8. I suspect some tongue-in-cheek there. Although, having been a ward librarian, there's some truth to that, and my raised-LDS husband agrees. Heavy use by people who aren't exactly experts might be relevant. In the ward I was librarian in, the Bishop and one of his counselors were county sheriff's deputies, and the EQ President was a Highway Patrol officer (DH and I were friendly with him and his wife). One day the copier was being a bit more of a pain than usual, and the EQP walked in. I jokingly asked him if he had his gun handy. The Bishop was right behind him, and told me he'd seen the EQP shoot and that the copier was totally safe.
  9. This assumes those stories are at all based in reality and are not fiction tailored to be posted to the site. I consider a lot of the stories on those sites (which I do read regularly and enjoy) to be more probably fiction (anywhere from misunderstanding through slanted writing to outright fantasy) than solid truth.
  10. Their "mission", IMO, is to encourage promiscuity so they can make money from killing the babies that result from this. I don't care what they SAY their mission is, their actions are speaking much louder than all the pretty platitudes being spewed.
  11. OTOH, by doing those things, you force someone else to violate the Sabbath and possibly miss out on worship because they have to be on the job to satisfy your desires.
  12. Both my husband and I are hard-wired night owls (in my case, there's got to be a genetic element, since my mother and her father are/were both the same way). I will respectfully disagree with some Church members I've been acquainted with who believed this to be unrighteousness. :)