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  1. Tr2

    Headed For Nawlin's

    It's good they didn't keep you there for too long. What is it like in terms of organization in the rescue work? It seems really chaotic. When I phoned somebody at FEMA to volunteer some of our USAR guys they gave me a bunch of excuses why we couldn't go. Seems like this is a never ending screw up.
  2. Tr2

    G-d Vs. Satan

    ghbhbv,mn kg ........... oops, sorry. I fell asleep half way through the original post because it was so boring. Maybe if the original poster had stated one single example rather than just making blanket accusations I wouldn't have been so bored. I wonder what point Tr-veler was trying to make. "My God is better than your God and my dad can beat up your dad".
  3. Tr2

    The Lord's University

  4. Tr2

    The Lord's University

    I would have thought the Lord's Universities would do much better in the NCAA. Hey maybe my wife is right though, maybe sports aren't important to God.
  5. Tr2

    What About The Youth Of Today...

    Today's kid's do have more challenges than some of us did when we were younger. However they also have many things that we didn't have growing up. Today's kids are smarter and better developed than we were. They have better teaching methods to make them smarter, and even naturally they seems smarter than 30 yrs ago. When I was a kid I couldn't think about talking to my mother or father about sex, girls, drugs or anything else. These days kids can do so because there is more understanding by parents. There is nothing they can't read about in school. I do think that our kids are being coddled for not choosing to make good decisions. For every problem, there are a dozen ways to solve them. And if TV is influencing your kids more than you are.... you are going to need to think about what kind of parent you are. If eminem can impact my son or daughter more than I can then I have made some serious mistakes and fallen short as a father.
  6. Tr2

    This Is What I Say To You!

    Or on the wedding... like my mother in law did.
  7. Tr2

    New Job/new Spouse

    Scary that you can honestly paint the most important person in your life with the job you are obligated to do.
  8. Tr2

    Why Am I Not Surprised?

    Personally, I would have gone after Iran before Iraq anyways. But I am not a politician hopeful... oops, I mean a general. Well you know, somebody has to make an attempt to rid the world of terrorism and people who kill in the name of God. Lord knows nobody other than the US has even attempted to do so on their own. Must be nice to live in a world that is brought to you by the kind folks in the USA. It must be nice to know that Canadian peice of mind is bought with American blood.
  9. Ok big shot. You did make me laugh so you get points for effort.If you had bothered to go through that process called thinking, you may have realized or remembered that I am an American citizen currently living in Canada. I know the US has done quite a bit thus far. But if we compare our resources to what other nations have, will our contributions be proportionate? We spend 3.8 billion dollars on McDonald's food... do you think we'll ever spend that much helping other people?
  10. Tr2

    Christ Verses The Anti-christ

    I believe this has been the case since the 1800's
  11. Tr2

    Christ Verses The Anti-christ

    Question: How come you say "G-d", but have no problem saying "Christ" ? Just an observation.
  12. Somebody please be kind enough to educate this arrogant young lad, he is boring me.
  13. Tr2

    Me And Shakespeare

    And I suppose your dad can beat up my dad too.
  14. Tr2

    Me And Shakespeare

    And why am I jealous of your wife? This is going to be good. Where is the popcorn?
  15. When I read the list of what countries have donated the most money, a few days ago, I saw that Australia, Germany, and Japan all have given substantially more than the United States has. It should not be this way. No country in the world can provide more financial aid more than the US can. We wonder why the world has a beef against us. Could it be that we are indeed a greedy nation? I certainly have my curiosities about various companies and organizations who are refusing to say how much they have given? What do they have to hide? I personally believe those of us who have been blessed with a lot have a responsibility as human beings to give back. If we don't, what makes us different than the animals? Interesting that this is being compared to 9/11. The death toll here is 50 times larger than 9/11 and could jump to only God knows how many people.